Your 2013 Timber Rattlers

Here you go.  Your 2013 Wisconsin Timber Rattlers!

Click on the player name for their page.

Click here for the PDF of the Opening Day roster (Corrected): Timber_Rattlers_Roster_033013

#    Name                        B/T       Acquired
  Austin Blaski           R/R       21st round, ‘12
39  Rodolfo Fernandez R/R      NDFA, ’12
14   Preston Gainey       R/R       11th round, ‘12
19   Ryan Gibbard          R/R       14th round, ‘12
15   Jorge Lopez             R/R       2nd round, ‘11
36   Leonard Lorenzo     R/R       NDFA, ‘09
32   Damien Magnifico   R/R       5th round, ‘12
33   Eric Semmelhack    R/R       12th round, ‘12
11   Mike Strong               L/L        10th round, ‘11
24   Brent Suter                 L/L        31st round, ‘12
18   Martin Viramontes R/R       28th round, ‘12
34   Tyler Wagner            R/R       4th round, ‘12
26   Taylor Wall               R/L       22nd round, ‘12

#    Name                     B/T       Acquired

22   Parker Berberet       R/R       25th round, ‘11
12   Clint Coulter            R/R       1st round, ‘12
10   Brent Dean              R/R       NDFA, ‘10

#    Name                     B/T       Acquired

  2 Orlando Arcia          R/R       NDFA, ‘10
21   Mike Garza             R/R       20th round, ‘12
  4 Chris McFarland      R/R       18th round, ‘11
  3 Alfredo Rodriguez   R/R       17th round, ‘12
16   Jose Sermo            B/R       35th round, ‘12

#    Name                     B/T       Acquired

  9   Mitch Haniger          R/R       1st round (Supp), ‘12
17   Michael Reed          R/R       5th round, ‘11
15   Tyrone Taylor          R/R       2nd round, ‘12

Manager: Matt Erickson
Pitching Coach: David Chavarria
Hitting Coach: Dusty Rhodes
Trainer: Jeff Paxson
Strength & Conditioning: Christian Polega
Video: Brian Tripp

By the way, you did count correctly.  The roster is at 24 active players to start the season.  A few players are staying behind in Arizona to start the season, but they will join the team at some point after the first road trip.  But, the team will take on Peoria from April 4-7 with a 24 man roster.

A few details:

Baseball America Top 30 Brewers Prospects on Rattlers roster:
#9 – Clint Coulter
#10 – Mitch Haniger
#15 – Tyrone Taylor
#17 – Orlando Arcia
#23 – Jorge Lopez

Returning Rattlers from 2012: 7 (All photos by Ann Mollica)

Parker Berberet

Parker Berberet

Brent Dean

Brent Dean

Mike Garza

Mike Garza

Mitch Haniger

Mitch Haniger

Eric Semmelhack

Eric Semmelhack

Mike Strong

Mike Strong

Brent Suter

Brent Suter

2012 Draft Picks: 15

Who’s on Twitter:
Parker Berberet – @Parkcity16
Austin Blaski – @ABlaski7

Clint Coulter –

Preston Gainey – @friendpresto
Mike Garza – @Miguelito_G_21
Ryan Gibbard – @Gibbbbbbbbbbbbb

Mitch Haniger – @M_Hanny19

Jorge Lopez – @yabiee18

Damien Magnifico – @D_Magno32

Chris McFarland – @cmcfarland116

Michael Reed – @MReed1119
Alfredo Rodriguez – @Arodss2

Eric Semmelhack – @ESEMMEL33
Jose Sermo – @j_weesy21

Mike Strong – @Strong_Mike1188
Brent Suter – @bruter24

Tyrone Taylor – @Ty_roneTaylor

Martin Viramontes – @martilious19

Tyler Wagner – @_TylerWagner_
Taylor Wall – @twall26

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