UPDATED: Lineup and Game Notes – April 14, 2013


As of now…a little past 10am on Sunday…GAMES ON!

I will update this post if anything changes….Consider this post UPDATED!

Keep in mind that this is NOT a photo from today.  However, THIS is where I am in my mind:

A reminder that the weather does look like this in Wisconsin....occasionally.

A reminder that the weather does look like this in Wisconsin….occasionally.

You may tune in for todays’s broadcast a few different ways:

In the listening area, dial around to AM1280, WNAM.  This is one of the internet links to listen to the game.   WNAM is also available on IHeartRadio as a website and as an app for your smart phone.  Today’s doubleheader is also available to subscribers of MiLB.tv.

Timber Rattlers Lineup (Game one):
Tyrone Taylor – CF
Orlando Arcia – SS
Mitch Haniger – RF
Parker Berberet – C
Clint Coulter – DH
Jose Sermo – 3B
Mike Garza – 1B
Chris McFarland – 2B
Michael Reed – LF

Wisconsin’s game one starting pitcher: Damien Magnifico
Wisconsin’s game two starting pitcher: Leonard Lorenzo

Kane County’s game one starting pitcher: Michael Heesch
Kane County’s game two starting pitcher: Jose Arias

Timber Rattlers Game Notes: RattlersGameNotesApril142013

What do you say, Ernie?

Let's play two!

Let’s play two!

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