3 – 14 – 16 – .500

Three Home Runs
Fourteen Runs
Sixteen Hits
.500 record after eight games

Timber Rattlers 14
Cedar Rapids 2
Boxscore | Game Story

Before we get into that…you’ve GOT to see the scoreboard they have in Cedar Rapids…WOW!

They should film the highlights in IMAX!

They should film the highlights in IMAX!

The team watched Goon on the way down.  It is an awesome movie.  It gets better each time I watch it.  I’ve watched it a lot in the last two seasons.  We must have watched it seven or eight times last season.   I don’t think the Rattlers have lost a game after they have watched that movie.

Goon beats the heck out of the two good luck movies from the 2001 season: Cliffhanger and Meet the Parents.  No, seriously, we must have watched those movies 15 times that season.

This one is for the velocity mavens: Damien Magnifico hit 99 on the radar tonight.  What does that mean?  Jeff Johnson from the Cedar Rapids Gazette, can you help?

For those interested in everything else about pitching: Magnifico allowed one run on two hits with no walks and five strikeouts over five innings. He mixed speeds and had good control.  I’d say exceptional control, but he did hit a batter in this game.  Two nice outings in a row for Magnifico.

Leonard Lorenzo struck out five in three innings. He did not allow a run either.  Eight shutout innings with ten strikeouts and one walk by Lorenzo this season.

Tough error on Orlando Arcia in the third inning. Candido Pimentel went to steal second. Parker Berberet’s throw was right on the base and into Arcia’s glove. But, Pimentel appeared to clip Arcia on the glove hand with his spikes. The slide sent the ball toward left and dislodged Arcia’s glove from his hand. Ouch! Arcia stayed in the game, but went without a hit for the first time this season.

In the style of Clarence Boddicker from RoboCop: Ooo! Offense!  Offense!  Offense!

Mike Garza, Jose Sermo, and Tyrone Taylor all hit the ball out of the ballpark on Monday.  Wisconsin had two home runs – both by Clint Coulter – in the first seven games of the season.

The right fielder for the Kernels made the official scorer’s job a little more difficult in the top of the ninth.  Chris McFarland hit a ball to the track, but it appeared that Adam Brent Walker had a bead on the ball, but he jumped for it…and the ball thudded off the heel of his glove.  I can see why the play was ruled an E9, but…Geeze…it would have been McFarland’s fourth hit and second triple of the game.

For a moment, I thought McFarland had hit the ball hard enough for it to carry out of the ballpark.  If it had, McFarland would have had the first cycle in Timber Rattlers history.

McFarland, Sermo, and Taylor all had three hits.  Taylor and Michael Reed each had four RBI.

The tarp was on the field when the team got to the the ballpark today.  The tarp has been on the field every day the team has arrived at the ballpark since…last Monday?  I don’t know.  Last week seems so long ago.  I can’t remember if the team hit on the field that day.  I think they did.

Let’s say that they did.  Just for argument’s sake.  Since the Timber Rattlers arrived at the ballpark for practice on April 2, they have taken batting practice outside on these dates: 4/4, 4/5, & 4/6 in Peoria and 4/8 at home.  Four times in two weeks.  That is not a good ratio.

Doubleheader tomorrow. We hope.  It’s still going to be crummy, cold, and clammy.

A couple of pictures:

Magnifico on the mound

Magnifico on the mound

Just LOOK at that thing.

Just LOOK at that thing.

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