2013 Timber Rattlers Walkup Songs

No game on Wednesday.  Rained out…again…

In the more family friendly words of Frank Vitchard...This is getting to be Ri-GOSH DARN- diculous.

In the more family friendly words of Frank Vitchard…This is getting to be Ri-GOSH DARN- diculous.

In lieu of a game recap and game notes, here is one of the most popular features we have each season.  That would be the Walkup Songs of the players.  Not all of the players have turned in their songs to the production crew.  But, here is what they have so far.

Note, the Timber Rattlers production crew uses the edited songs for player walkup music.  I am going to follow that rule.  If I can’t find the clean version, I’m not going to post it or link to it.  Also, official music videos only.  If you want to hear the songs not linked, use google.

Orlando Arcia:  Te Deseo by Wisin y Yandel:

Parker Berberet: God’s Gonna Cut You Down – Johnny Cash

Preston Gainey: Under Pressure by Queen w/ David Bowie

Mike Garza: My Life Your Entertainment by TI

Mitch Haniger: Real Estate by Wiz Khalifa

Leonard Lorenzo: Siente La Para by La Nueva Escuela w/ El Alfa

Jorge Lopez: Limbo Remix by Daddy Yankee

Damien Magnifico: U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer

Chris McFarland:  Go Get It by TI

Mike Reed:  Let There Be Cowgirls by Chris Cagle

Alfredo Rodriguez:  Ambitionz by 2Pac

Eric Semmelheck: Battle Scars – Lupe Fiasco & Guy Sebastian

Jose Sermo: Chain Music by Wale

Tyrone Taylor: Livin’ It Up by Ja Rule

Martin Viramontes: Crazy Town by Jason Aldean:

Tyler Wagner: Stand Up And Shout by Steel Dragon

Taylor Wall:  A Little Ride by Jason Aldean

There are three songs on this list that I have heard before searching for the videos.  If you read this blog with any regularity, you’ll know which songs.

I’ll add to this list when possible during the season.


I am very excited that Tyler Wagner chose Stand Up and Shout! What a great song from a great movie. Do the players get to choose what part of the song as well?

Yes, they do.

What’s Tyler Roberts’s walk up song?

‘Watch Dis” by Plies

victor roache walk up song

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