A few things after the doubleheader

“Janita, double stock my mini bar, please. 1019, Thank you.” – Dean Ziegler, Cedar Rapids.

End of the night.

End of the night.

Game one:
Timber Rattlers 0
Cedar Rapids 3
Boxscore | Game Story

Game two:
Timber Rattlers 1
Cedar Rapids 9
Boxscore | Game Story

The Rattlers had seven hits in game one of the doubleheader.  BUT, five of those seven hits came with two outs in an inning.

Mitch Haniger had another double.  He has four doubles and a triple for five extra-base hits this season.

Tough loss in game one.  Cedar Rapids scored an unearned run in the third inning.  Then, they got two big insurance runs in the bottom of the sixth.  A possible comeback in the top of the seventh got very difficult.

The 8-run bottom of the first was really tough.  Each of the first ten batters reached base.  The only out that was recorded was on a run scoring fielder’s choice.

Joe Garagiola wrote Baseball is a Funny Game.  That’s true.  BUT, baseball can be a really cruel game, too.  Jorge Lopez made a great pitch on Byron Buxton to start the first inning.  Jammed him good.  But, the ball rolled slowly to short and Ozzie “Freakin'” Smith couldn’t have thrown out Buxton.  The race was on from there.

Tip of the cap to Ryan Gibbard for coming on and working 5-2/3 innings in relief.  He allowed just an unearned run in the fifth inning.

There was a scoring change in the bottom of the fifth as an error was taken away from Jose Sermo.  This is how the play looks now in the play-by-play:

  • J. Arias reaches on a fielder’s choice, fielded by J. Sermo, A. Walker scores; N. Goodrum to 2nd. R. Jimenez grounds into double play, J. Sermo to M. Garza, N. Goodrum out at 3rd.

Originally, Sermo was charged with a throwing error on the play at second base.   The scorer believed that Sermo’s throw to second pulled Alfredo Rodriguez off the base as second.  However, the throw was right on the money.  Rodriguez showed some situational awareness because Sermo’s throw was not going to get the force on Niko Goodrum at second base.  Rodriguez came off the bag to try to get to the ball quicker to get Arias at first base for the out.  It didn’t work out, but still.  Heads up.

Speaking of heads up….Orlando Arcia saved Gibbard a couple of very frustrating  hits.  In the bottom of the second, Dalton Hicks sent a routine fly ball to medium center.  Tyrone Taylor could not see the ball off the bat and never found it.  Arcia ranged far from his shortstop position to make the catch.  The very next batter was Adam Brett Walker and he sent a routine fly ball to left-center field.  Michael Reed could not see the ball off the bat and never found it.  Arcia ranged far from his shortstop position to make the catch.  Arcia may be on 0-for-11 in this series, but he is keeping his head in the defensive part of the game.

The Shift continues.  Here is how Wisconsin’s infielders were playing Dalton Hicks tonight:

Shift is on!

Shift is on!

It worked in the fourth inning of game two. Hicks hit a grounder up the middle just a bit to the right of where Arcia is playing in that photo. Arcia made a backhand stop of the ball, raced to second for the force, and threw to first for a nifty double play.

Single game on Wednesday…we hope.  Some of the local weather forecasters are not leaving themselves any wiggle room as they are calling for a 100% chance of rain.  Here’s hoping that certainty is misplaced.

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