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Our deeds still travel with us from afar, and what we have been makes us what we are. – George Eliot

Mitch Haniger after his second home run of the day,

Mitch Haniger after his second home run of the day,


Game one
Timber Rattlers 2
LumberKings 4
Boxscore | Game Story

Game two
Timber Rattlers 2
LumberKings 1
Boxscore | Game Story

Before getting to the 2013 Timber Rattlers part of the post…Congratulations to former Timber Rattlers pitcher Hiram Burgos.  He earned his first MLB in his first MLB start as the Brewers beat the Cubs at Miller Park on Saturday.  On top of that, the Brewers have won six in a row, too.

If you see the scoreboard in one of the photos in this post, you’ll see the scoreboard.  Haniger’s home run in game one hit off the middle of it.  His home run in game two traveled to the right of it.

Both Mike Strong and Tyler Wagner did some quality pitching under duress in the second game.  That third inning could have gone south in a big hurry.  The LumberKings had a run in and the bases loaded with no outs.  Strong got a couple of strikeouts and a fly out to the deep right to keep the lead at 2-1.

Wagner had to pitch with the tying run at second with no outs in the bottom of the seventh.  A stolen base got the tying run to third with one out.  But, another strikeout and a grounder back to the mound ended the game.

Tyrone Taylor used his speed to almost get an insurance run in the top of the seventh.  He reached on an infield single to the hole.  Brock Hebert made a heck of a play to make it close with a strong throw from short left.  But, Taylor beat it out.  Then, he escaped a rundown after taking off early.  It was a combination of his elusiveness and poor defensive positioning by Clinton on the play.  Basically, Lopes – the second baseman – couldn’t catch Taylor after the throw to second and no one covered first base allowing Taylor to eventually wind up at second after Lopes threw to the base expecting someone….anyone…to be there.

Orlando Arcia broke his 0-for-13 slump with a single in his first at bat in game two.  It looked like gained confidence from his last plate appearance of game one.  Mike Garza had just doubled in a run with one out to cut the Clinton lead to 4-2.  Arcia was at the plate and worked the count full before drawing a walk to get on base as the tying run.  In his first at bat of game two, he lined a single to right-center.  He should have had another hit in the seventh inning of game two, but his liner was caught in the webbing of the glove of Lopes after a leaping grab.

The Timber Rattlers will be switching up their tandems for the time being.  For example:  Preston Gainey (Starter) and Eric Semmelhack (Reliever) were the tandem in game one while Strong (Starter) and Wagner (Reliever) were the tandem in game two.  The next time those spots come up in the rotation it will flip with Semmelhack & Wagner starting and Gainey & Strong in relief.

Can I just say how good it was to see the sun, the blue sky, and baseball today.   Let’s get some of this in Northeastern Wisconsin.

Watch the shadows:

April 20 2013 004

April 20 2013 005

April 20 2013 007

April 20 2013 009

April 20 2013 012

April 20 2013 017

April 20 2013 019

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