April 21, 2013 highlights

The beginning is the most important part of the work. – Plato

Keep your eye on MiLB.com later tonight.  They wanted to talk to Victor Roache for some reason.  Hitting a home run in your first professional at bat will do that, I guess.

Quad Cities 12
Wisconsin 5
Boxscore | Game Story

There were four players who were selected within the first 40 picks of the 2012 draft to play in today’s game:

#1 Carlos Correa
#27 Clint Coulter
#28 Victor Roache
#38 Mitch Haniger

Timber Rattlers Highlights:

Admit it. You had a sharp intake of breath when you saw Roache run into the fence and flip over onto the walkway on that “catch”.

It’s going to be so much fun the outfielders take batting practice as a group this season.    You know, when the team can finally take batting practice outside again.

Don’t be surprised by the home run from Chris McFarland, he led the Helena Brewers in homers last year.

Lorenzo and Magnifico will bounce back from today.  Count on it.

Just enjoy those Brewers Sunday jerseys.

April 21 2013 003

April 21 2013 008

April 21 2013 010

Oh, and if you have any sway over the weather, please feel free to put in a word or two before game time on Monday.

Apologies for a lack of depth on this post.  I’m beat and on about three hours sleep since 7am on Saturday morning. I’ll try to get something up in the morning.  But, I am taping the next edition of Timber Rattlers Field Pass for Time Warner Cable SportsChannel in the afternoon and there will be a lot to do before that starts.

Good night and stay warm, everyone.

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