Powerful performance

Make the best use of what is in your power, and take the rest as it happens. – Epictetus

West Michigan 4
Timber Rattlers 7
Boxscore | Game Story

Still cool, but at least it was sunny!

Still cool, but at least it was sunny!

When you play the highlights, listen to the sound of the ball off the bat of Chris McFarland. That is a beautiful sound. Remember, McFarland led Helena in home runs last year.

Kyle from Brew Crew Ball talked with McFarland after the game:

“The first two pitches were way out of the zone, so I figured he’d throw something over the plate and he threw a fastball down the middle so I took a hack. I wasn’t trying to hit a home run, just trying to drive the ball but, lucky enough, I hit a homer.”

There is more from Kyle including stuff on Victor Roache, Damien Magnifico, and Ryan Gibbard at that link.

Jose Sermo reached a part of the stadium that is not normally reachable. Wow.

Orlando Arcia was 2-for-3 on the 6-3 double play attempts. The one that he missed on was right before the second one on the highlights. He tried to run from even farther away than he was in on that play. He wound up rushing the throw to first.

Tyrone Taylor got into the game as a pinch-runner in the bottom of the eighth. I talked to him during batting practice and said something like, “Way to scare the internet on Tuesday.”  “I scared myself.”  He fouled the ball off his left knee and it went numb.  But, he thought he could have started tonight.  Looked like he was pretty happy to get into the game tonight.

Victor Roache 1-for-4 and on a four game hitting streak

In their first five home games, the Timber Rattlers scored 16 runs and were 1-4.  In their last two home games, the Timber Rattlers scored 16 runs and are 2-0.

Eric Semmelhack with five solid innings in his first start of the season.  He walked two, struck out two, and allowed one run on 74 pitches (41 strikes).

Scary moment in the top of the eighth.  Devon Travis was on third base and broke for the plate as the ball bounced up the third base line away from Clint Coulter.  Coulter got to the ball quickly and Travis scrambled back to the bag at third.  Coulter unleashed a seed to try and pick off Travis.  The ball hit Travis right on the label that’s on the back of the helmet.  Travis got up and stayed in the game.  He even had a big smile on his face.  It looked more like nervous laughter, but still….it was good to see him up and about.

This is the second two-game winning streak of the season for the Timber Rattlers.  They will go for their first three-game winning streak of the year on Friday night….Weather is starting to warm up…come on out and catch the Rattlers.


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