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At any street corner the feeling of absurdity can strike any man in the face. – Albert Camus

West Michigan 5
Timber Rattlers 1
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It's a bullpen cart. We have a bullpen cart now.  Bullpen carts are cool.

It’s a bullpen cart. We have a bullpen cart now. Bullpen carts are cool.

The two most retweeted events at the ballpark this week:

  1. Victor Roache homers in his first professional at bat
  2. The Timber Rattlers bullpen cart makes its debut

BY VEECK!!!! I love Minor League Baseball!!

The twitter timeline: I mention the battery ran out on my digital camera as I was taking a photo of the cart. Two people responded with BULLPEN CAR?!?!??!?? I post the following tweet:

The words AWESOME are tweeted back at me. Then, I posted the picture above from @AnnMollica on the Timber Rattlers twitter feed….and we are off to the races.

In answer to the question: Yes. Relievers MAY use the cart to come into the game.

The real question is: Will any minor league reliever decide to ride the bullpen cart to come into the game?

Speaking of the game:

Tyler Wagner was unlucky in the first inning. Two weak grounders with two outs wound up being singles. Then, Jake Stewart hit a ball to the West Michigan bullpen for a 3-run homer. You can make a good pitch and not get rewarded for it. That is frustrating.

Whitecaps starter Hudson Randall was pretty good. I did count five fly balls that made it to the warning track, only to be caught. Tyrone Taylor and Jose Sermo put back-to-back flyouts to the wall in the bottom of the first inning.

Clint Coulter showed off his arm and his wheels tonight. Both are in the highlights. There’s the strong throw to second to get Danry Vasquez on an attempted stolen base and the triple to right-center. If you are keeping track that would be 6-for-11 in throwing out would be base stealers this season for Coulter.

Adam Giacalone had two hits and drove in the only Rattlers run tonight. Good solid contact tonight for him.

Roache appeared to have fouled a ball off his knee in the fourth inning. He thought he did and he did not run. Neither umpire thought that the ball hit Roache and ruled it a fair ball making Roache an easy out at first base.

Roache did not get a hit in the game, but in the ninth he did draw a walk. Sometimes power hitters will get in there with the team down by a bunch and try to get it all back with one swing. But, Roache had a patient approach in the ninth inning and drew a walk on a 3-1 pitch. It may not seem like a big deal, but a power hitter with an approach like that is something that teams want…a lot.


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