Earl Weaver was right – Postgame post for May 3, 2013

In baseball, you can’t kill the clock. You’ve got to give the other man his chance. That’s why this is the greatest game. – Earl Weaver

Rattlers 10
Lansing 8
Boxscore | Game Story

Dammit. That was beautiful.

But before I get to the comeback, David Chavarria may be a wizard.

Funny thing. Before the game today the Rattlers pitching coach and I were talking about pitchers needing to learn how to limit damage. Basically, he said that you’re not going to throw a no-hitter every time you pitch.

Once in awhile the other team is going to have the bases loaded and no outs. When that happens early in a game in the big leagues, that pitcher will not try to strike the next three guys out. That can sometimes get you in even deeper. Get the grounder for the double play. If that run scores, so what. Get the next guy and you only let in the one run. How many games are going to end 1-0? Do your job. Get out of the inning. Let the offense go to work.

Let’s look at Leonard Lorenzo’s third inning.

  • Aaron Munoz walks.
  • Kellen Sweeney walks. Aaron Munoz to 2nd.
  • Dwight Smith singles on a fly ball to center fielder Mitch Haniger. Aaron Munoz to 3rd. Kellen Sweeney to 2nd.
  • Dalton Pompey grounds into a double play, second baseman Christopher McFarland to shortstop Alfredo Rodriguez to first baseman Adam Giacalone. Aaron Munoz scores. Kellen Sweeney to 3rd. Dwight Smith out at 2nd.
  • Christian Lopes lines out to first baseman Adam Giacalone.

I’m pretty sure I laughed at end of that inning because that’s when I knew that David Chavarria was a wizard.

After some quick research…. Friday night was the biggest comeback in a victory for the Timber Rattlers of the Brewers Era (2009-present).  They were down 8-2 after the bottom of the seventh inning.  Down six runs with six outs left to play and they won 10-8 in ten innings.

Wisconsin has rallied from five run deficits four times since 2009:

Those are wiped out of the books after Friday night in Lansing.

Tip of the cap to Jose Sermo.  He was 0-for-8 with four strikeouts in the series.  He had been hitless in 17 straight at bats.  Lansing walked Adam Giacalone to set up a double play in the top of the tenth.  That hitless streak did not reach 18.  I need to find the highlight on the radio broadcast because the sound of ball hitting bat for the triple that put the Rattlers up for the first time in the game was….wow…just wow.

Have a series Mike Garza!  He went 4-for-5 on Friday to put him at 8-for-12 with five RBI in the three games at Lansing.  Average moved from .173 to .250

Mitch Haniger stole three bases in the game (Now 8-for-8 in steals).  He also walked three times and was on base a total of five times.

Aside from Sermo’s triple, who had the hardest hit ball of the night for the Rattlers?  Alfredo Rodriguez…again.  He lined out to right to drive in the tying run in the top of the ninth.  That thing was a rope.  It was deep enough to get the run home, but I thought that ball had a chance to get to the wall.

I mentioned this last part in the game story, but it is worth bringing up again…In the first 23 games of the season, Wisconsin had not scored a run in the ninth inning.  They scored five in the ninth inning on Friday.

Last note on the game goes to Damien Magnifico.  The Rattlers comeback is wasted if he gives up a run in the bottom of the ninth.  He didn’t.  The possible winning run got to third base, but Magnifico did not allow a run.  That set up the tenth inning.

A few pictures.

Mike Garza drives in the run to make the score 8-7.

Mike Garza drives in the run to make the score 8-7.

Alfredo Rodriguez drives in the tying run with a sacrifice fly.

Alfredo Rodriguez drives in the tying run with a sacrifice fly.

Pinch runner Orlando Arcia heads for home and Jose Sermo streaks for third in the tenth inning.

Pinch runner Orlando Arcia heads for home and Jose Sermo streaks for third in the tenth inning.


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