Lineup and Game Notes – May 8, 2013

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Batting practice before game one of Wednesday's doubleheader.

Batting practice before game one of Wednesday’s doubleheader.

There are several ways to follow the Timber Rattlers tonight.

In the listening area, dial around to AM1280, WNAM.  This is one of the internet links to listen to the game.   WNAM is also available on IHeartRadio as a website and as an app for your smart phone.

The second game of tonight’s doubleheader is on My NEW32’s Sports Showdown.  That’s Channel 13 on most cable systems in the area.

Tonight’s games are also available to subscribers of MiLB.TV.  This will be stadium video with the audio call from WNAM.

Timber Rattlers Game 1 Lineup:
Tyrone Taylor – CF
Michael Reed – DH
Mitch Haniger – RF
Victor Roache – LF
Adam Giacalone – 1B
Chris McFarland – 2B
Jose Sermo – 3B
Parker Berberet – C
Orlando Arcia – SS

Wisconsin’s Starting Pitcher – Game 1: Tyler Wagner
Wisconsin’s Starting Pitcher – Game 2: Mike Strong

Clinton’s Starting Pitcher – Game 1: Tyler Pike
Clinton’s Starting Pitcher – Game 2: Rusty Shellhorn

Timber Rattlers Roster: Timber_Rattlers_Roster_050213
LumberKings Roster: Clinton Roster 5-8-13

Timber Rattlers Game Notes: RattlersGameNotesMay82013
LumberKings Game Notes: Clinton5.8.13

What do you say, Ernie?

Let's play two!

Let’s play two!

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