It could have been that other game – Postgame post for May 12, 2013

I like walking on the edge. – Levon Helm

That would be a seagull that decided to land in center.

That would be a seagull that decided to land in center.

Burlington 8
Wisconsin 3
Boxscore | Game Story

That other game would be THIS game. Cedar Rapids 23 @Beloit 16The Kernels and Snappers killed baseball today. It’s almost been 150 years.  It was a good run.

To the Timber Rattlers game!

20 walks…TWENTY!  Three scored…Seriously.  Dusty Baker was right…They DO just clog the bases.

Tyrone Taylor and Michael Reed both extended their hitting streaks to six games with their first inning doubles.

The Rattlers went from the third inning to the eighth inning without a hit.

Three outfield assists today for the Timber Rattlers.  It was a combination of good defense and some bad base running by the Bees.  I mean…look at that first assist by Haniger.  You can see exactly the spot on that highlight where Sandy Martinez thought it was a bad idea to tag on that fly ball.  The correct cartoon sound effect should the one that Wile E. Coyote makes when he tries to brake before falling off the cliff.

Jorge Lopez was doing okay, but he was on the edge.  That was a scoreless first inning with three strike outs, but he made 32 pitches in the first inning.  Yeesh.  But, the fourth inning was ridiculous.  He made a really nice pitch on Martinez and jammed him.  But, the ball was hit to the right spot and an errant throw.  A bunt single by Pedro Toribio on a sacrifice attempt put runners on the corners. Another error on  pickoff throw to third was what let the tying run score. Then, it was an RBI triple.  Then, it was a wild pitch on ball four. “That was pouring like an avalanche coming down the mountain.”

Still, velocity was good. There is something there. Patience please.

Yes. Overall a frustrating game.  3-for-12 with runners in scoring position…11 runners stranded…four errors…back below .500…BUT, admit it.  There was that one point in the bottom of the eighth when they had the bases loaded with two outs and you thought…They’re going to do this again…They’re going to come back.  It may not have happened today, but that’s the feeling that keeps me coming back.


This was that point where I had that thought.

This was that point where I had that thought.

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