Linguistically frustrated – Postgame post for May 16, 2013

I mean, I have moments of huge frustration because of my inability to express myself linguistically as clearly as I would like to. – David Gilmour

Austin Blaski strikes out Ariel Ovando for the final out of the fourth inning.

Austin Blaski strikes out Ariel Ovando for the final out of the fourth inning.

Quad Cities 3
Wisconsin 1
Boxscore | Game Story

David Gilmour felt linguistically frustrated? Dude wrote The damn WALL and Wish You Were Here.

HYPERBOLE ALERT: I’ve never seen so many bounces go in favor of one team in a series.

That last play was the game in miniature. 3-2 count on Haniger. He smashes a grounder off Ryan Dineen. The ball deflects to Carlos Correa, who just HAPPENS to be in the right spot out in short left. Arcia didn’t round third base by too much, but it was enough to turn into the final out.

I believe that I called Ryan Dineen ‘Kevin Dineen’ after one of the line drives he snagged in the seventh inning. It’s only right. Kevin Dineen used to really tick me off, too.

Chris McFarland…I’m so sorry. You probably should have had three more hits in this series. But, Correa made some outstanding plays the denied you those hits. Hallmark should make a card.

Arcia had two more hits and is 8-for-14 during a four game hitting streak.

Austin Blaski pitched his way out of the fourth inning bases loaded, no-out jam…with some help from interesting base running.

Speaking of linguistically challenged…Look at the double play the Rattlers turned to help Blaski get the first two outs in the fourth inning. I could not form the words my brain was thinking as Elkins did not break for the plate with the bases loaded and just stood there waiting for Arcia to complete the 6-unassisted double play.

Then, there was the 5-4-3-5 double play in the top of the ninth. It’s also in the highlights and it’s also ridiculous.

The Rattlers end their ten-game homestand 5-5 and head out on the road for a 13 game road trip with a 18-19 record. The trip is Burlington (4), Quad Cities (3), Peoria (3), & Beloit (3).

Time to do laundry and pack.

But first, highlights:

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