Confidence Builder – Postgame post for May 23, 2013

If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won even before you have started. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

A reminder why we can’t do in game photos at Modern Woodmen Park

Window. Still. Doesn't. Open.

Window. Still. Doesn’t. Open.

Wisconsin 7
Quad Cities 4
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Jorge Lopez with six no-hit innings.  More on that in a bit.  First,  confidence? Did someone say confidence?

“I’m really, really excited, because the last couple starts, my delivery is getting better. I’m confident with all my pitches,” [Lopez] said. “I feel like the last two starts, I am getting better. I had a couple walks, but that happens in this game.”

A couple walks would be five, but… SEVEN strikeouts!  What say you, pitching coach David Chavarria?

“He’s making big strides, from his first outing where he got roughed up a little bit, leaving pitches up in the zone, to now where his mound presence is better. He’s trusting his stuff more,” Rattlers pitching coach David Chavarria said. “It’s just a confidence factor that he knows he belongs, and credit to him, he’s putting the work in every day on it. That’s the big part. Some guys have a little bit of success and they’re feeling comfortable ’cause they had a good outing and they tend to sit back and coast, but this kid keeps working and working and working. We’re real happy with his progress.”

Unofficially, I had Lopez at 96 pitches (53 strikes).  My old high school baseball coach used to call that effectively wild.

But, seriously he worked up and down, in and out, fast and slow.  His back-to-back strikeouts of Teoscar Hernandez and Carlos Correa in the sixth inning were perfect in the way he got them to chase the pitches that they had no chance of hitting.  The strikeout of Correa to end the night for Lopez was a rising fastball on a 3-2 pitch that Correa could not lay off even though it was nowhere near the strike zone.

Not sure on velocity.  There is no pitch speed indicator, but he sounded like he had really good pop on the fast ball…even 90 pitches into the outing.

Final word on Lopez to Chavy:

“Tonight it took a little bit for him to realize why we were taking him out. then he realized, but that’s the look you want from a guy, to want to go out there and have the mentality to finish what he started. Tonight he had that look a little bit in his eye. It was a big stepping stone for him to build on.”

Rodolfo Fernandez did not mess around in the ninth inning.  Seven pitches – five strikes – for a three-up, three-down inning and his second save of the season.

Offense Anyone?

I’ll get to the homer by Victor Roache in a minute.  I want to talk about his double in the third inning.   He got pitched way in, but managed to get the bat around, kept his hands inside the baseball for a ball that went down the left field line for a fair ball and an RBI double.  If he wasn’t correct on his swing technique, that ball hooks foul.   Instead, a line drive double to left.

Roache left the stadium with his home run in the fifth inning.   He left the stadium with a foul ball last night.  But, this one stayed fair and there was a stunned silence in the stadium as he trotted around the bases.  It’s 343′ to left, one of the deeper distances down the line in the MWL and this thing….My god, it’s full of stars….That’s what the baseball said after Roache made contact…I like to think that it felt a little like this:

Alfredo Rodriguez stepped into the leadoff role tonight and he took a five-pitch walk to start the game and scored on the double by Tyrone Taylor.  In the third he singled and scored on a triple by Michael Reed.  Officially, he went 1-for-4, moved his hitting streak to six games, and kept his average at .255.  Plus, he played a solid shortstop as Orlando Arcia got the night off on Thursday.

Clint Coulter had one hit and was robbed of another on a diving catch by Jordan Scott in left field.  But, that one hit pushed his hitting streak to five games and bumped his average to .194….That might not sound like much, but he was hitting .165 before this hitting streak started.

Mitch Haniger played 14 games with the Timber Rattlers in 2012.  He played 41 games with the Timber Rattlers in 2013.  He was promoted to Brevard County early on Thursday.  His time with the Rattlers was brief but you can’t help but pull for him to do well as he moves up the ladder.  Especially after seeing this tweet from earlier today:

We’ll be following and pulling for you, too.

Rattlers are back at .500.  They are 21-21.  Here’s the link to the current standings through Thursday’s action in the MWL.  Cedar Rapids and Beloit in the top two spots.  Beloit has won six in a row.  Quad Cities has lost six in a row.  Wisconsin is 4-1/2 games behind Beloit and 7-1/2 games behind Cedar Rapids.  There is Peoria, Clinton, and Quad Cities standing between the Rattlers and Beloit.  There 25 games left in the half. 

Games remaining in the half for the Rattlers:
QC: Away 1
PEO: Away 3, Home 4
BEL: Away 6, Home 3
CLN: Home 3
KC: Away 5

Oh, you really want to see what a photo of the field looks like from the radio booth during the game.

Pay no attention to the reflection.

Pay no attention to the be camera lens in the reflection.

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