Wait. What? Postgame post for May 24, 2013

Enthusiasm is followed by disappointment and even depression, and then by renewed enthusiasm. – Murray Gell-Mann

Nothing to do with tonight's game. But, to the right is the old fence.  To the left is the ribbon board that cut down the distance about five feet.

Nothing to do with tonight’s game. But, to the right is the old fence. To the left is the ribbon board that cut down the distance for a home run to right about five feet.

Timber Rattlers 3
River Bandits 4
Boxscore | Game Story

Max Walla wasted no time getting back into the swing of things.  Just talked to him on the bus and he just said that it’s been a long time.  A double, a single, and a a run scored.  Solid first game back.

The Rattlers didn’t try to steal on Roberto Peña on Friday.  They did try to hit-and-run.  It’s just that hit part was unsuccessful and the run part ended up being a caught stealing.

I think that I covered the first run of the game in enough detail in the game story, but for those of you who missed it or didn’t click on the link…Tyrone Taylor was running on a 3-2 pitch with two outs.  Victor Roache singled to right.  The outfield was shifted well off the line. Taylor kept running and running and Matt Erickson waved him home.  Taylor raced home and easily beat the throw.

I’m saying that Tyrone Taylor is fast.

Quad Cities manager Omar Lopez was ejected in the second inning on a play at third.  Taylor’s grounder rolled up the third base line.  There were runners on first and second with two outs.  Rio Ruiz stood on third, stretched for the ball, and appeared to have the ball roll into the glove in fair territory for the force out to end the inning.  The ball was ruled a foul ball and Lopez…disagreed.  The slow burn started on a check swing call that went against the River Bandits earlier in the inning.   This call set him off.

That leadoff walk in the bottom of the eighth almost didn’t happen if Ariel Ovando had anything to say about it.  Eric Semmelhack threw a really nice pitch on the outside corner on a 1-2 pitch.  Ovando dropped the bat off his shoulder in a dejected manner and started to walk to the Quad Cities dugout.  But, the pitch was ruled a ball.  The at bat continued. He walked.

That started a chain of events that happen in baseball and bad fiction:

Teoscar Hernandez pinch-ran for the right fielder and eventually scored the go ahead run on a passed ball.
Teoscar Hernandez went in to play defense and took over in center as Jordan Scott moved to right field in the top of the ninth.
Teoscar Hernandez made a spectacular running catch with his back to the infield on a deep fly ball off the bat of Chris McFarland to end the game with the tying run racing for home plate.

None of that happens without the walk to Ariel Ovando that he thought was a strikeout.

One play that has me puzzled…A lot….  Adam Giacalone singled to start the top of the ninth.  Jose Sermo came on to pinch run.  Parker Berberet was at the plate.  The Bandits were expecting a bunt…Well, most of the Bandits were expecting a bunt.  Ruiz charged from third.  Miles Hamblin, the first baseman, charged from first.  Daniel Minor, the pitcher,….he whirled and threw to Hamblin?  Hard. Had Hamblin not got his glove up in time the ball would have got him in the face.  There was a long conference on the mound about defensive signals.  But, while that happened, Matt Erickson was talking things over and wondering why there was no balk called.  The throw was not to the base.  I don’t have my rule book handy and I may need to look it up later, but I’m pretty sure that the throw needs to go to a base in that spot.   The reason Matt got for no balk call was that the throw was towards a base?

I really need to look that up.

On the bus to Peoria.  Running out of battery life.  Gotta run.  I may revise and extend this post once we get to the hotel.  I may just go to bed and wake up fresh for tomorrow.  We’ll know in an hour or so.

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