The Silence – Postgame post for May 29, 2013

Silence is one of the hardest arguments to refute. – Josh Billings

It was a nice day and it didn't rain.

It was a nice day and it didn’t rain.

Rattlers 0
Snappers 3
Boxscore | Game Story

Michael Reed hit a ball to the wall in the fourth inning with Tyrone Taylor at first base.  Brett Vertigan made a catch against the wall to rob Reed of extra bases.

I still can’t believe the Christopher Bostick’s home run was a home run.  It barely made it over the fence in left-center.  It was hard to tell if it went out of the park because it went over all the white signs by the scoreboard.  It looked like Reed in left and Taylor in center couldn’t believe that it went over the fence either.

Eric Semmelhack had 71 pitches (47 strikes) in four innings.  He had a 25 pitch first inning that included a walk and a single to the first two batters (on full counts) and strikeouts to the next three batters.

Max Walla was charged with a caught stealing in the fourth inning.  He was not running until the ball popped away from the catcher.  I have seen that ruled as a regular 2-4 putout instead of a 2-4 caught stealing. Not this time.

The Beloit pitchers faced the minimum (21 batters) through seven innings despite a pair of hits.  Reed singled but was caught stealing. Walla reached on a fielder’s choice and we have already covered that.

Victor Roache had the other hit for the Rattlers on Wednesday.  He doubled in the eighth inning, but was left stranded.  The two-base hit was his fourth of the season.

I know that I keep saying this, but I saw stuff today that I have never seen on a baseball field.

  1. Renato Nunez was at second with two outs.  Chad Lewis hits a grounder to Mike Garza at third.  Garza was going to go to first with the throw for the final out.  But, he had trouble with the ball.  Nunez was about to run into the out on the bases.  So, he started to head back to second.  Garza reset his targeting system to throw to Alfredo Rodriguez covering second.  He threw. He hit Nunez on the shoulder.  But, the ball deflected to Rodriguez and Nunez turned to head back to third.  Rodriguez tossed the ball to Orlando Arcia covering at third.  Arcia applied the tag for the final out.  If you remember, Garza hit the base umpire with a throw to first in Tuesday’s game.  The Rattlers on the infield better watch out tomorrow (Aside: Kidding, Mike)
  2. There was a halt in play in when the Rattlers were batting early in the game – I think it was the second inning with Victor Roache at the plate.  I couldn’t figure out the reason for the stoppage.  I looked for a ball on the field or a fan on the field or a dog or maybe something like a bat weight was too far out in foul territory.  The umpire just stood there waiting.  Then, there was movement  in the left field wall to the right of the Best Western sign (Check the picture).  The wall MOVED.  It looked like it MOVED!  Then, I realized that it was a Beloit player from their bullpen.  He had managed to camouflage himself in the white of the sign by putting a white towel over his head and the colors in his uniform.  He must have snuck out there while everyone else was busy during the change over between innings.  He was out there for one pitch.  Then, the umpire spotted him.I think someone saw the end of A Game of Shadows on the last road trip (Skip ahead to 1:33).I wish there was film of this. Because I’ll bet you think I am making this up to pad out this post where not a lot happened in a 3-0 loss.  I’m crazy and do have my moments, but I am not that good.  I must find out who did this.


Instagram doesn’t lie

He – #33 Dakota Bacus, who is Thursday’s starter for the Snappers – may have also just seen GI Joe 2 and is cos-playing Storm Shadow because he was moving along the wall.

Final game of the road trip starts Thursday morning at 11am.  Then, home!

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