Nine is enough – Postgame post for May 30, 2013

Ulysses in his turn told her what he had suffered, and how much trouble he had himself given to other people. He told her everything, and she was so delighted to listen that she never went to sleep till he had ended his whole story. – Book XXIII of The Odyssey

Mike Reed's two-run single in the third.

Mike Reed’s two-run single in the third.

The Timber Rattlers ended the road trip with a 5-7 record -with one rainout.  Wisconsin went 1-2 in Burlington, 2-1 in Quad Cities, 1-2 at Peoria, and 1-2 at Beloit.

Clint Coulter was held out today, too.  Just precautionary.

Jose Sermo tried to avoid a tag on a grounder to second on the inning ending double play in the top of the third.  He could not avoid the tag and tweaked a little something.  He was limping a bit when the team got back to Appleton.  We’ll see where that goes for tomorrow.

It’s a shame because Sermo started that seven-run third inning and capped it, too.  He singled to start the frame.  Scored on a double by Tyrone Taylor. Singled to drive in the final two runs in the inning.

The Rattlers did a great job going back through the center of the diamond against Dakota Bacus, the starter for the Snappers.  Four of their first five hits were singles right through the middle of the infield.  The only hit that wasn’t up the middle was Taylor’s line drive double that the third baseman barely had time to get his glove up to get a piece of the ball.

Two hits for Tyrone Taylor on Thursday.  Good.  That should get him started.

Michael Reed drove in a run in the top of the first and probably saved a run in the bottom of the first.  He singled to drive in Alfredo Rodriguez for a 1-0 lead.  Then, the wind fooled him a bit on a line drive down the left field line off the bat of Brett Vertigan.  Reed came in, realized he had to go back, and had to run to the foul line as the bat was slicing off the bat of the left-handed leadoff batter.  Reed made the catch, staggered, tumbled, and held on for the out.   Reed ended the day – his first game as the cleanup hitter in the lineup – with two hits, three RBI, and a runs scored.

The wind was crazy today.   It was blowing straight out at about 25mph and was gusting to 31mph.  Fortunately, it didn’t affect much within the game.

Orlando Arcia with two more walks on the day.  He now has more walks (16) than strikeouts (15) in 177 plate appearances. His slashline is .253/.331/.316 through 47 games.

Tyler Wagner kept the ball down – 12 ground outs: 2 flyouts – and threw strikes – unofficially 96 pitches/70 strikes.  No walks with four strikeouts.  That’s a pretty good recipe for success.

One point to make about Wagner.  The Snappers had runners at second and third with one out in the bottom of the sixth inning.   Instead being too fine and walking the next batter or going for a strikeout and getting burned on another hit to extend the inning, Wagner just went after the guy and got him to ground out.  So what if a run scored.  It’s still 9-1 and there are two outs.  You can go far by doing that.  Keep doing that.

If you look at the picture up top, you’ll notice that there is a cameraman  behind home plate.  He works for WREX.  There are some highlights from the games off on the right side of the page here.

The team is home for the next ten games.  Let’s do what we can for good weather and come on out to see the team face Peoria, Beloit, and Clinton.

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