To win in spite of a thousand repulses and defeats – Postgame post for June 25, 2013

The boy who is going to make a great man must not make up his mind merely to overcome a thousand obstacles, but to win in spite of a thousand repulses and defeats. – Theodore Roosevelt

Before the game on Tuesday.

Before the game on Tuesday.

Wisconsin 1
Clinton 2
Boxscore | Game Story

Leonard Lorenzo made it six innings in his first start since May 15.  This was his longest start of the season.  He got ahead of hitters early, but then missed the strike zone to those same hitters and saw his pitch count rise as he went deeper into counts.  He looked better than he did before he went on the DL, but he is still working on regaining the form that he showed early in the season.

But, it was a sequence of pitches in the bottom of the sixth that turned Wisconsin’s 1-0 lead into a 2-1 deficit.  Ketel Marte drew a walk on a 3-1 pitch.  Then, Lorenzo fell behind Dario Pizzano 1-0.  Lorenzo didn’t want to fall behind Pizzano 2-0.  The result was a line drive to right field for a tw0-run home run.  More on Pizzano later in the post.

Rodolfo Fernandez had his second scoreless outing since coming off the DL.  A couple of strikeouts and a couple of walks.  He also showed some patience in picking off Jabari Henry to erase an error in the bottom of the eighth.  Fernandez threw over to first about three or four straight times before throwing a pitch to Ketel Marte.  Then, when Henry thought there was no way that Fernandez would throw over there again, Fernandez caught him leaning and picked up off first base.

Tyrone Taylor was about a foot away from a 3-for-4 game, but Jabari Henry made a great catch in the eighth inning.  Instead, he [sarcasm] only [/sarcasm] went 2-for-4 on Tuesday night.  For the old school stats people: He raised his average to .307 and is ninth in the MWL in that category.  For the new school: OPS for the season is up to .821 for the season and 1.235

Victor Roach hit the ball on the nose three of the four times he was up on Tuesday.  The RBI single in the first was his only hit.  There was a liner right back to the belt buckle of Victor Sanchez in the third.  Sanchez got his glove in front of the ball and it hit him in the pocket of his glove and dropped to the mound for a 1-3 putout instead of well…going through him.  He’s getting ranged in for the second half.

I thought that I would back up an assertion in the game story about Dario Pizzano, enemy of the state:

Pizzano vs. The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers. Greatest hits of 2013:
April 20 (Game 1): 2-run double in 3rd inning puts Clinton up 3-1. Clinton wins 4-2.
May 8 (Game 2): Leadoff double in top of 6th. Scores run that ties game 2-2. Clinton wins 4-2.
May 9 (Game 1): RBI 2B in 3rd puts Clint0n up 1-0. Leadoff double in 6th scores run and Clinton leads 3-0. Rattlers rally to win 4-3.
May 9 (Game 2): RBI 2B in 1st inning puts Clinton up 1-0. RBI 2B in 6th drives in final run of 7-0 Clinton win.
June 8: Walks three times, Scores three runs in 10-5 Clinton win.
June 25: Hits 2-run home run to put Clinton up 2-1. Clinton wins.

Get them tomorrow.

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