Looking at shadows – Postgame post for June 28, 2013

To contemplate is to look at shadows. – Victor Hugo

Pregame plate conference featured Jordy Lara for Clinton and Martin Viramontes for Wisconsin

Pregame plate conference featured Jordy Lara for Clinton and Martin Viramontes for Wisconsin

Wisconsin 1
Clinton 3
Boxscore | Game Story

Jorge Lopez with a real nice outing.  There was a rough patch in the fourth inning that featured some miscommunication between Lopez and Parker Berberet, but the overall results were good.

Get this all of the base runners Clinton had against Lopez on Friday night reached base with two outs. 

Tyrone Taylor stays hot. Another multi-hit game with a pair of singles and an RBI.  That’s a 12-game hitting streak for Taylor.  Average is up to .309. Rest of the numbers are looking really, really good and people are noticing.

Taylor Mangum ran into some bad luck in the seventh inning.  There was a runner at first and no outs.  Clinton had a right-handed batter at the plate and went for a hit-and-run.  In that situation, the second baseman usually covers the base.  Usually.  Tonight, shortstop Orlando Arcia went to cover second.  The batter grounded the ball right where Arcia had been positioned.  That backfired as the ball went into left and the LumberKings had runners at first and third with no outs.  A fly ball deep enough to left got the go ahead run home for Clinton.

This may have been the seventh loss in eight games for this half for the Timber Rattlers.  But, they have had the tying or winning run at the plate late in the game in – and I can’t get to my scorebook now so this may be a little off the mark – five of those seven losses.  I may have to check this one later.  Perils of writing on the bus, I guess.

I need to cut this a little short tonight.  Apologies.  But, this writing on the bus is getting old.

Home series with Kane County starts on Saturday night at 6:35pm.  The Cubs affiliate is also 1-7 to start the second half.  This is a five-game series – I’m going to feel like Alex with Huntsville after this Southern League special.  Someone’s half is going to turn around for the better.  Be there.

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