Torment us with their loss – Postgame post for July 4, 2013

Riches do not exhilarate us so much with their possession as they torment us with their loss. – Epicurus

This was the first chance.

This was the first chance.

Wisconsin 1
Cedar Rapids 3
Boxscore | Game story

Sometimes, I can add a few things to the game story and boxscore.  This is not one of those games.

The three game winning streak is gone.

Plenty of chances for the Timber Rattlers. First and second with no outs in the fourth. Bases loaded and one out in the sixth. Second and third with one out in the seventh. They got one run out of those opportunities.

On the other hand, the Kernels scored their runs on a two-run home run with one out in the second and a solo home run with two outs in the eighth.

The teams combined to go 0-for-11 (WI: 0-for-7, CR: 0-for-4) with runners in scoring position.

Ryan Gibbard threw five straight balls before he threw a strike to Adam Brett Walker. Walker hit it over the 378′ mark in left-center for a two-run home run.

The Rattlers had Dalton Hicks a little frustrated with the shift they had on him…Then, he hit a pitch from Preston Gainey over the 400′ mark in center for a solo home run.

Taylor Wall inherited two more runners and stranded both of them. He has inherited 23 runners this season and stranded 7. In his last five outings, he has pitched seven scoreless innings.

The Timber Rattlers are 1-8 in nine games against the Kernels this season. They have lost seven straight to the Kernels.

Get them tomorrow.

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