Tomorrow’s hope – Postgame post for July 7, 2013

Hope is tomorrow’s veneer over today’s disappointment. – Evan Esar

The last out on Sunday

The last out on Sunday

Wisconsin 3
Burlington 5
Boxscore | Game Story

All losses are tough, but this one…Quad Cities and Clinton both won so the Timber Rattlers lose a game to both of the teams that hold the second half playoff spots.  Plus, the Bees are suddenly just one game behind the Rattlers in the standings.  A long way to go in this half.  But, still….

The Timber Rattlers have lost four straight games to Burlington. Those games would be May 18, May 19, July 6, & July 7. The Rattlers have led for a 1/2 inning in those games. That was when they scored a run in the top of the first inning on May 19 only to see the Bees come back with three runs in the bottom of the first. I can’t explain.

Sunday was the 82nd game of the season.  Including this game, opposing teams have scored first 48 times.  Wisconsin is 15-33 when that happens.

List time: This was game number 17 of the second half. The first number is going to be the Margin of victory. The second and third number is going to be the Rattlers win-loss record with that margin of victory.

5: 0-1
4: 0-1
3: 0-1
2: 2-5
1: 4-3

The last ELEVEN games have been decided by two or fewer runs. That’s ridiculous. The Rattlers are 6-5 in their last eleven games. Just for grins…let me check something…..Yep. In four of those five games, the Timber Rattlers had the tying run on second base in the ninth inning.  Once with no outs, once with one out, and twice with two outs. Take that for what you will.

Mike Garza three more hits and his average moves to .292.  He was at .294 to start the second half.  Then, he dropped down to .263 on June 28.  Keep climbing.

Chris McFarland hit the ball hard three times on Sunday.  He was rewarded with one hit.  Hard hit grounder in the first with runners at second and third with two outs was an out.  Hard hit grounder with one out and a runner on third got a run home.  Hard hit single scored Adrian Williams with the run in the ninth.  Two RBI for McFarland gives him 31 on the season.  He is third on the team behind Tyrone Taylor (40) and Victor Roache (37).

Victor Roache 0-for-3 with a walk, a strikeout, and a liner to the track that Cayones made a really nice running catch on which to record the out.

Max Walla went 1-for-2 with a sacrifice bunt against lefty Tyler DeLoach on Sunday.  Left-handed hitters were 2-for-16 against DeLoache coming into Sunday’s game.

A word or two about Tyler Wagner.  He got lucky on a few line drives that were hit right at infielders for outs.  But, he got unlucky with some soft ground balls or slow choppers hit to the wrong spots.  I am mainly looking at you, bottom of the fourth inning.  Bees had runners on second and third with no outs.  Chance Ross hits a slow chopper to short.  Garza had to come across to field it and throw to get the out at first.  Not only does the run score from third, but the runner at second moved up to third on the play.  A hard hit ball to short still lets the run score, but the runner would have to hold at second.

Then, the infield is in with the runner on third and one out and Wagner makes a great pitch only to have the ball to hit off the end of the bat with a tremendous amount of spin on it.  The ball hits in fair territory maybe thirty feet up the first base line.  Wagner comes over to field it with his bare hand.  The ball spins out of his hand, a run scores, the batter reaches base, and AAARRRGGGGHH!!

Oh, well.  Get ’em tomorrow and finish this road trip off with a win.

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