To expect the unexpected – Postgame post for July 13, 2013

To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect. – Oscar Wilde

Raise your hands if you just hit a walkoff home run.

Raise both arms if you just hit a walkoff home run.

Lake County 4
Wisconsin 6
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Rodolfo Fernandez has showed what he is capable if glimmers.  One inning at a time or one or two batters at a time.  He has never put it all together…until Saturday night.  That was outstanding.  He threw every pitch that he wanted to for a strike on Saturday.  And he didn’t get flustered in the top of the ninth on the dropped fly ball that put the lead runner on second base with no outs.  Nope.  He just struck out the 2,3, & 4 hitters to get out of the inning.  In all, Fernandez tossed four scoreless innings, walked one, allowed one hit and struck out eight. 

How good was his stuff?  Of the eight strikeouts Fernandez recorded, five were came on called strike three.


Got. Him. Looking.

Got. Him. Looking.


Tyler Wagner. That is gutting out eight innings.  The kid gives up eleven hits, works out of a bases loaded jam in the first, and went into shutdown mode after the fourth inning.  I interviewed Wagner for the next edition of Timber Rattlers Field Pass and talked to him about the ‘Forget You’ theory of pitching that David Chavarria talks about often.  That being…No MLB pitcher throws a shutout every time they take the mound.  So you have to be: Oh, you scored a run here.  Forget you. I’m going to make my pitches and do my job and make sure you don’t get another.  Wagner responded that the toughest thing about moving from closing at Utah to starting in the Brewer system is remembering that if you give up a run early in the game, it’s not over.  Minimize the damage and keep the offense in the game.

PS to the pitching part of this post:  Rattlers pitchers today had a combined K:BB of 16:2

Chris McFarland extended his hitting streak to seven games with his RBI triple in the second inning.  He is 10-for-27 during the streak and he continues to hit the ball hard, too.

Speaking of streaks, the Timber Rattlers have at least one triple in each of their last five games.

If ever a foul ball needed to go on the highlights, Max Walla’s foul in the middle of the game was it.  He crushed a ball over the bridge from the berm to the home run porch and over the huge inflatable slide on the flat part of the ground back in the play area.  Had it been straightened out….I might have had the same reaction I did on the Victor Roache home run in the third….

Krakadoooum!!!!!!Victor Roache had a rough night in left field.  He committed two errors and misplayed a couple of balls.  But, watch that home run in the highlights.  That chuckle from me because it was so ridiculous at how far it went and how effortless the swing was.  

I was kidding Michael Reed the other day about him having triple speed and triple power.  Guess I’ll have to take that back.  Totally worth it.  No doubt on his first home run of the season and first in over a year.  Outstanding.

This last part will bring joy to some areas of the internet.  Orlando Arcia walked to start the bottom of the 12th.  The Rattlers did not have Reed bunt.  Arcia stole second.  The Rattlers did not have Reed bunt.  They let him swing away.  Look at what happened.

Saturday’s Highlights:

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