For the want of a nail – Postgame Post for July 17, 2013

For want of a nail the shoe was lost.
For want of a shoe the horse was lost.
For want of a horse the rider was lost.
For want of a rider the message was lost.
For want of a message the battle was lost.
For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.
And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

Victor Roache is about to be robbed.

Victor Roache is about to be robbed.

Timber Rattlers 2
Bowling Green 6
Boxscore | Game Story

Runner at first, two outs, bottom of the second, Austin Ross has a 1-2 pitch due to Joey Rickard. The runner from first goes. Ross freezes Rickard with a pitch on the outside corner at the knees…..and the pitch was called a ball and the runner at first is now on second. The next pitch goes for a single to drive in the first run of the game. The throw to the plate is just a little up the line and late and since the throw was not cut off, Rickard goes to second. The next pitch is a bloop single to left-center to drive in Rickard for a 2-0 lead.

That’s out of the way.

I thought Ross threw well. His velocity reached 90 a couple of times on the stadium gun. He threw 41 pitches/29 strikes, hit a batter, didn’t walk anyone, and struck out one in three innings.

Matt Erickson stopped me in the hallway after we got back to the hotel and said, “0-for-4”. I knew what he meant. The Timber Rattlers were 0-for-4 in situational hitting on Wednesday. Twice they had a leadoff double – Alfredo Rodriguez to start the game and Parker Berberet to start the third. Twice the hitters failed to move the runner to third. The Rattlers didn’t score in either inning. McFarland started the eighth with a walk and Rodriguez couldn’t get the bunt down, but eventually walked. Then, Reed did get the bunt down with runners on first and second with no outs in the eighth, but put it right back to the pitcher, who got the force out at third.

Chris McFarland crushed his home run in the fifth. He got a 1-0 pitch and drilled over the wall in left-center. It was his third home run of the season. He is third on the team in RBI with 35. Plus, that tied the game 2-2. AND extended his current hitting streak to eight games, the longest hitting streak of the season for McFarland. Pretty nice.

Like I said the other night, the other guys get paid to make plays, too. By my count, the Bowling Green outfield made five catches worthy of a Web Gem designation. They were:

  1. Andrew Toles makes a running catch of a sinking line drive off the bat of Michael Reed and doubles Rodriguez off second base in the first inning.
  2. Toles raced back to the gap in right-center to rob Tyrone Taylor of a two-out extra-base hit in the first inning.
  3. Rickard robbed Garrett Cooper of an RBI with a fine running catch in right-center after Roache had doubled with one out in the second.
  4. Rickard made a leaping catch on the warning track in the top of the eighth inning with two outs and the bases loaded on a drive to right by Roache.
  5. Left fielder Marty Gantt got into the act running back to the track to catch a deep fly off the bat of Orlando Arcia.  Gantt crashed into the chain-link fence and held on for the second out of the ninth inning.

Oh, and for good measure, Tyler Goedell made a good decision on a slow chopper off the bat of Mike Garza with the bases loaded and one out in the eighth.  He cut the ball off before it reached the shortstop and he fired a strike to the plate to get a force out and keep the Hot Rods in front.

Matt Erickson did say he would want one play back.  Garrett Cooper was on first with no outs in the top of the seventh.  An errant pickoff throw bounded down the right field line and he waved Cooper on to third.  But, the first baseman got to the ball and fired a strike to third from the tarp (you can see where the tarp is in the picture up top). Cooper was out and there was no argument.

That would be SEVEN plays.  If any one of those seven plays is not executed perfectly by Bowling Green, this game is either still being played or I’m writing about a Timber Rattlers win.

Tyrone Taylor hit the ball TOO hard in the top of the eighth inning.  Rodriguez was at second and Reed was at first with one out.  Taylor smoked a ball through the left side of the infield and it got out to Gantt in such a hurry there was no chance for Rodriguez to score.  That loaded the bases, but the Garza and Roache at bats would follow….and let’s not talk about those again.

Bowling Green does post highlights after their games to their YouTube Channel, but I was told that they were having some problems with getting them on line tonight.  I wanted to link to them just so you could see some of these plays.  Instead, I’ll link to the Channel and you can check later.

Get ’em tomorrow.

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