Nothing magical about it – Postgame post for July 20, 2013

There’s nothing magical about it. They’re made of flesh and blood. You take out their heart you bring down the beast. – Denton Van Zan

I totally see Van Zan doing this after killing his first dragon in Reign of Fire

I totally see Van Zan doing this with his troops after killing his first dragon in Reign of Fire

Wisconsin 6
Dayton 2
Game Story | Boxscore

Saturday’s game was the complete opposite of Friday’s game. The Rattlers got out of the gate fast, were good in situational hitting, cashed in their opportunities, played (mostly) clean defense, and kept the opponents in check.   Excellent win.

Victor Roache had a bad night on Friday in Bowling Green.  He was 0-for-4 with four strikeouts.  But, here’s the thing. He walked on the bus after the game, said “They got me tonight.” to Dusty and went back to his seat for the ride to Dayton.  Yeah, they got him last night, but he didn’t let it bother him.  He came back on Saturday and his first at bat went to 3-2.  He lined that 3-2 pitch into left-center to drive in Tyrone Taylor and the Rattlers had a 2-0 lead.  He had two hits and hit the ball hard two other times.  The good nights are going to outweigh the bad for Roache with the way he approaches the game.

Michael Reed tripled in the first and scored on a wild pitch.  He has reached ten triples on the season.   The franchise record is 13 (Jermaine Clark, 1998).

Tyler Wagner gave up a home run.  But, it was a home run you can live with because it was a solo home run and the Rattlers still had the lead.  Later in the inning, the Dragons had runners on first and third with one out.  Wagner needed a double play ball and got a double play ball.  Arcia to McFarland to Cooper to end the inning and the Rattlers were still up 3-1.

Wagner left after five innings and 84 pitches.  It’s been a week since he blew past 100 pitches in eighth innings, so it was not a surprise to see him come out after five innings.

Here’s Chris McFarland’s double in the sixth inning:

Right-center field. No one is going to get to that on the fly.

Right-center field. No one is going to get to that on the fly.

By the way, the top three RBI guys on the Timber Rattlers after Saturday’s game:

  1. Tyrone Taylor – 45
  2. Victor Roache – 44
  3. Chris McFarland – 37

Harvey Martin came in after the Rattlers scored two runs in the top of the 6th to take a 5-1 lead.  After facing five batters in the sixth, he worked a 1-2-3 seventh, and got the first two outs of the eighth.  Then, Seth Mejias-Brean…home run…long, long home run.  But, Martin seemed to say, “So What?” and got the next batter.  Then, he struck out a pair of batters in the ninth to give him 5Ks in the game and his first professional save.  Martin was around 90-91 on the stadium gun and worked his off-speed stuff in well.

Martin has made four appearances for the Rattlers this season.  In those four starts – in order – he has a loss, a win, a hold, and a save.

Good news! Quad Cities, Peoria, Clinton, and Burlington all lost.  The Rattlers pick up ground on all of them.

Keep it going tomorrow.

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