You must undergo it – Postgame post for August 1, 2013

You cannot create experience. You must undergo it. – Albert Camus

Quick Change was at the game tonight.

Quick Change was at the game tonight. So…there’s that.

Wisconsin 2
Kane County 6
Boxscore | Game Story

I was talking to Dusty Rhodes at the cage during batting practice when he dropped that 22 straight hits by the Timber Rattlers without an extra base hit.   I guess I got caught up in other things and that one blew right by me.

A couple of prophetic threads from that conversation included me noting that when the Rattlers have had more than one hit in an inning, there is usually a double play in there and Dusty talking about how the other team will mix in a couple of extra base hits into their inning and they get a big inning. And finally me noting that a lot of the runs lately have scored without either a hit or an RBI.

In the top of the first, Alfredo Rodriguez and Lance Roenicke singled to start the game.  Then, a double play stopped the rally cold.

In the top of the third, Roenicke scored on a wild pitch.

In the bottom of the sixth, Kane County had three extra base hits in their sequence of seven straight hits.

The streak reached 24 hits without an extra base hit before  Parker Berberet doubled to start the second inning.  Then, he scored on a single by Max Walla.

That starts a streak of six straight hits with just singles.

Since Garrett Cooper tripled to drive in the winning runs on Sunday, July 28, the Timber Rattlers have scored eight runs on 33 hits.  Two of those hits are for extra bases and the team is 0-4.

The eight runs have scored  in this way:
Solo homer
RBI single
RBI grounder
Throwing error (No RBI)
RBI Grounder
Missed Catch Error (No RBI)
RBI single
Wild Pitch (No RBI)

Baseball has a really sick sense of humor.

Berberet has extended his hitting streak to 16 games.  He has tied Tyrone Taylor for the longest hitting streak on the team this season.

Mike Garza went 3-for-4.  He extended his current hitting streak to eleven games and has bumped his season average to .297.

There was a promotion that took a long time before the bottom of the third.  Both teams knew about it and it wasn’t like Jorge Lopez went out to warm up and had to wait for the promotion to end.  He waited until it was over to go out to the mound.  Then, he gave up a home run to Oliver Zapata – aka our Bête Noir – on the second pitch.

You have had time to wrap your mind around the dearth of extra base hits for the Rattlers.  Try these: Zapata is hitting .190 with ten RBI in twelve games against the Rattlers in 2013. 

Baseball has a really sick sense of humor.

That home run was the only hit for the Cougars…until the sixth.

Homer, single, Lopez error on pickoff throw to first, Lopez wild pitch, RBI single, pitching change. RBI double, single, two run double, infield single.

When the onslaught finally ended, it was 6-2.

There was no sudden velocity drop.  The ball did not suddenly get placed on a tee.  Lopez did not start to tell Kane County what was coming at them.  It just happens.

Baseball has a really sick sense of humor.

One other thing…The Timber Rattlers struck out ten times on Thursday night.  That would be the first time they have struck out ten or more times in a game since July 21.  Wisconsin went 3-6 in the nine games between that game in Dayton and this game in Kane County.  So…they are putting the ball in play…they are getting runners on base….they just are not doing both at the same time.

Baseball has …. oh, you know the rest.

Get ’em tomorrow

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