This is the darkest timeline – Postgame post for August 11, 2013

This is the darkest timeline. – Abed

Definitely the darkest timeline.

Definitely the darkest timeline.

Wisconsin 0
Quad Cities 5
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What a difference a day makes.

There’s no score. Two outs none on in the bottom of the third after Parker Berberet throws Jordan Scott, who bunted with one out to reach base earlier in the inning, out at third base on a stolen base attempt.  The #9 batter singles.  The leadoff batter singles.  Teoscar Hernandez steps up.  He was 7-for-44 against the Timber Rattlers to that point of the season.  Then, he homered to left-center and the Rattlers were down 3-0.

Lopez gave up four hits and three runs in the third inning.  Those were the only hits and runs he gave up in the game.  It’s amazing what one pitch can do to an outing.

Brian Holmes is a left-handed pitcher for the River Bandits.  He allowed three hits in six innings.  In other words, the Timber Rattlers went 3-for-21 against him.  Right-handed batters are now hitting .193 against Holmes.  He also struck out seven to give him 38 strikeouts against righties this season.

Entry number 10 on ‘Damndest Thing I’ve Ever Seen” list for 2013:
The Timber Rattlers are down 3-0 in the top of the seventh inning.  Parker Berberet singles. Alfredo Rodriguez singles. Lance Roenicke steps up and sent a line drive down the line in right field.  The ball dropped in and rolled to the wall.  Roenicke wound up on third base with a triple to drive in two runs. Chris McFarland drew a walk and Orlando Arcia’s sacrifice fly to center was deep enough to score Roenicke with the tying run….oh, wait….that happened in the other timeline.  This is the darkest timeline.

What really happened was the right fielder made a running catch in fair territory near the foul line.  Neither Berberet nor Rodriguez had a chance to get back and the triple play was turned…or concluded…or finished…or however you want to put a period on the end of that back breaker…..

BreakYouThe ball sure looked like it was going to drop.  I thought it was going to drop.  But, the ball hung up just enough for Scott to run it down and – with both runners near third base on the play there was no chance for either of them to get back.  Damn. 

For good measure, with the score still 3-0 in the top of the eighth.  Chris McFarland drew a leadoff walk. Orlando Arcia grounded into a double play.

Then, Hernandez hit a two-run home run in the bottom of the eighth.  *sigh*

Skipping back to a positive…Along with the caught stealing in the third, Berberet picked Hernandez off first base in the sixth.  There was a pitch in the dirt and Hernandez took off for second thinking that Berberet didn’t make the stop.  Then, he tried to get back to first.  He was out by a lot on a strong throw by Berberet.  He’s thrown out 38.1% of would be base stealers and blocked everything in sight on Sunday.

Peoria lost to Clinton on a walkoff single in the bottom of the ninth inning earlier on Sunday.  The Rattlers missed out on a chance to move to within three games of the Chiefs and are still four back in the Wild Card.  Clinton is just two games behind Peoria for the wild card.  There are 21 games left in the regular season.

Get them tomorrow.

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