All places are alike – Postgame post for August 31, 2013

All places are alike, and every earth is fit for burial. – Christopher Marlowe

That blur is Victor Roache heading to first base as the ball soars out of the stadium.

That blur is Victor Roache heading to first base as the ball soars out of the stadium.

Timber Rattlers 3
Burlington Bees 4
Boxscore | Game Story

They did it again. The Rattlers got the tying run on base or to the plate in the ninth inning of a game. I don’t have time to count this up tonight for the whole season. But, that’s five times in the last seven losses, the Rattlers have had that situation when trailing in the ninth.   That seems like a lot. Right? 

And it’s not just happening in games where they are down by a single run like they were on Saturday.  It’s happening with them down two or three runs.  They don’t give up.  Even when it’s over, they don’t give up.

The Bees put Max Walla aboard and Wisconsin’s tying run in scoring position with an error to start the ninth. It was set up perfectly. A Tyrone Taylor bunt moved Walla over to third. Mike Reed chopped a base hit over the third baseman’s head for a double. Alfredo Rodriguez draws a walk and Victor Roache hits a three-run home run to break the franchise record AND puts the Rattlers in front….Sorry. That’s what happened in the brightest timeline. This is the darkest timeline.

Reed’s chopper was caught on a leaping grab by the third baseman. Walla had to hold. The game ended on a grounder to short.

The Bees used THREE pitchers in the eighth inning. THREE. The Bees were 53-78 and the Rattlers were 59-73 coming into this game. That is amazing.

The Rattlers missed a lot of opportunities and went 0-for-8 with runners in scoring position. The Bees missed even MORE opportunities and went 1-for-15 with runners in scoring position. That’s just a little ridiculous.

Tyler Wagner wrapped up his season with an ERA of 3.21, a K:BB ratio of 116:56 in 148-2/3 innings pitched. He deserved a better fate in a lot of his starts. His velocity stayed consistent all season long and it’s going to be fun to watch him climb the ladder in the Brewers system.

Speaking of fun… Victor Roache:


It looked like he was really pressing at the plate in his first three of at bats of the game on Saturday. Roache was 0-for-3 with 3Ks in the game. He hadn’t homered since August 22 at Clinton. Then, on one marvelous swing of the bat with a count of 1-2 he lashed one over the wall in left center. It was his 22nd home run of the season and Roache has tied Khris Davis for the franchise record with two games left in the year.

The three runs against Harvey Martin were unearned. In the last two games, Wisconsin has allowed ten runs – eight unearned.

I don’t know what it is about Community Field, but this place just makes throws to first base by the pitcher from the third base side of the field go wild. It happens a lot. I believe in the Walkoff Wednesday series of posts from last offseason, I granted the Bees the trademark on that play. It’s just ridiculous.

I can’t believe that there are only two games left in the season. Sleep fast. Day game on Sunday.

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