This song is over – Postgame post for September 2, 2013

This song is over
I’m left with only tears
I must remember
Even if it takes a million years – The Who, The Song is Over

The last out of the 2013 season.

The last out of the 2013 season.

Timber Rattlers 1
Burlington Bees 3
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Apologies for the lateness of this post. Internet was horrible on the bus tonight…for some reason.

The time gave me some things to think about the game and the season and the way things went.  I will probably put together a post for later in the week.

For now a few data points:

Austin Ross was very good again and he went seven innings with eight strikes on Sunday.  In his last five starts, Ross has allowed four runs – three earned – on 29 innings with seven walks and 30 strikeouts.   I think that he’s ready for the next stage in his recovery from ‘Tommy John’ Surgery.

Unfortunately, the offense scored just one run.  In his last three starts, Ross gave up one run and went 1-0.  In his last three starts, the Timber Rattlers offense scored three runs and the team went 1-2.  Ross led 1-0 in two of those games when he turned it over to the bullpen and was tied 1-1 on Monday.  That lack of offensive support is just a little ridiculous.

It seems odd that the season would end on an Orlando Arcia strikeout.  He was the third toughest player in the Midwest League to strikeout this season.   He only struck out once every 12.2 at bats.

Parker Berberet threw out two more would-be base stealers on Monday.  He ended the year at 30-for-70 (42.9%).  That’s pretty good.

Now is the part of the postgame post when I admit that I am not good at one of my jobs.

Parker Berberet had a 19-game hitting streak.  You know that, right?  But, did you know that he had a 42-game on-base streak that was the longest in the Midwest League this season? It went from July 7 through August 29 and I missed it.  Completely.

In fact, Alfredo Rodriguez had a 32-game on-base streak from July 17 through August 27.  I missed that one, too.

The Timber Rattlers had three of the top seven on base streaks in the Midwest League in 2013.  #1 Berberet (42), #2 Michael Reed (39), and #7 Alfredo Rodriguez (32).  That’s not bad.

The Burlington Bees had won a season series from one team in the Western Division this season.  You get three guesses and the first two don’t count.  Yep.  The Bees went 9-6 against Wisconsin this year.  The Rattlers were 2-7 at Burlington in 2013.  Damn

By losing the final six games of the season, Wisconsin finished the half 30-40.  Burlington actually moved past the Timber Rattlers in the second half standings.  Wisconsin dropped into a tie for 6th with Peoria. Damn.

Also, the Rattlers ended the regular season 59-76.  That’s 17 games under .500, a mark the Timber Rattlers hadn’t reached this season…until the final game of the season.

I’ll have more as the week goes on and something a little more formal later.  For now, I just want to say, “Thank you.”  I hope you found the ramblings here informative and occasionally entertaining.

The blog will continue during the offseason with various features and updates.  The hope is to update almost every day with a few breaks for my sanity…and probably yours.

Enjoy the offseason, everyone.  Opening Day, 2014 is coming on April 3.  I can’t wait.

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Thank you Chris, for everything you do. The Timber Rattlers and Brewer fans are better off for it. Take a break and get some sleep, you’ve earned it.

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