Rattlers Alumni in the 2013 MiLB Playoffs

The Playoffs begin in most of the Minor Leagues tonight.  This is a post to give you a little information on which teams you may want to root for this year….if you’re into that kind of thing.

The details for this list were taken from the final stats of each team in the playoffs that listed the current players.

There are three leagues – four if you count the Mexican League – in the National Association without any former Timber Rattlers participating in the its postseason.  Those leagues are: Pacific Coast League, California League, and South Atlantic League.

Here are the former Rattlers in the playoffs.

International League:
Pawtucket (Boston): Ryan Rowland-Smith (’03)
Rochester (Minnesota): Jeff Clement (’05)
Durham (Tampa Bay): Jake Odorizzi (’10), Juan Sandoval (’03). Also, former Timber Rattlers General Manager Mike Birling is the GM for Durham.

Photo Credit: Patrick S. Blood


Ryan Rowland-Smith from 2003.

Ryan Rowland-Smith from 2003.

Eastern League:
Erie (Detroit): Justin Souza (’07, ’08)

Southern League:
Mississippi (Atlanta): Thomas Keeling (’11)

Texas League:
San Antonio (San Diego): Johan Limonta (’06)

Carolina League:
Potomac (Washington): Cutter Dykstra (’09, ’10)

Florida State League:
Dunedin (Toronto): Austin Bibens-Dirkx (’06)

Midwest League:
Great Lakes (Los Angeles [NL]): Robbie Garvey (’11)

Good luck to all the ex-Rattlers in the 2013 MiLB postseason.


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