Rattlers Alumni Stats – MiLB

Time to start regular posting again on the blog after a few days away from the keyboard.


This week’s alumni post takes a look at the Minor League regular season stats of Rattlers alumni.  There are a lot of former Rattlers on this list.  In an effort to shorten that list a bit, I have made a few ground rules.

The player must not have appeared in a major league game (Except in one case)
The player’s stats will be from his highest level
The player must not be in the Brewers system
If the player spent time with two teams at the same level, both will be included.
Hitters stats will be Games; AVG/OBP/SLG; HR; RBI
Pitchers stats will be Games, Games Started, Record; (SVsif any); ERA; IP; BB:K

If you want to check the stats of the former Brewers with Nashville, Huntsville, or Brevard County, click on the team name.

Denny Almonte (’08) Triple-A Tacoma: 28G; .163/.212/.315; 3HR, 9RBI

Leury Bonilla (’07) Triple-A Tacoma: 42G; .254/.312/.331; 2HR, 7RBI

Daniel Carroll (’08) Single-A Rome; 36G; .277/.318/.395; 1HR, 17RBI

Jeff Clement (’05): Triple-A Rochester; 123G; .220/.291/.388; 16HR, 70RBI

Juan Diaz (’08): Triple-A Columbus; 122G; .242/.317/.348; 8HR; 45RBI

Joe Dunigan (’08): Triple-A Tacoma; 25G; .193/280/.375; 4HR, 11RBI

Cutter Dykstra (’10): Single-A Potomac; 107G; .283/.413/.388; 4HR, 43RBI

Robbie Garvey (’11): Single-A Rancho Cucamonga; 19G; .255/.415/.294; 0HR, 6RBI

Erik Komatsu (’09): Triple-A Syracuse; 9G; .160/.250/.160; 0HR, 0RBI

Alex Liddi (’08): Triple-A Tacoma; 59G; .263/.322/..454; 11HR; 43RBI
Alex Liddi (’08): Triple-A Norfolk; 49G; .222/.269/.378; 4HR; 22RBI

Carlos Maldonado (’99); Triple-A Syracuse; 14G; .098/.159/.098; 0HR, RBI

Israel Nunez (’08); Triple-A Yucatan; 12G; .308/.333/.385; 0HR, 3RBI
Israel Nunez (’08): Triple-A Campeche; 3G; .250/..400/.250; 0HR, 2RBI

Oscar Ramirez (’00): Triple-A Norte; 38G, .290/.369/.458; 2HR, 13RBI
Oscar Ramirez (’00): Triple-A Minatitlan; 20G; .267/.302/.433; 2HR, 9RBI

Kalian Sams (’07): Triple-A Tuscon; 24G; .160/.263/.260; 1HR, 3RBI

Mike Wilson (’05): Triple-A Tucson; 76G; .291/.354/.455; 7HR; 42RBI

Nate Adcock (’08): Triple-A Omaha; 10G; 9GS; 3-4, 7.09ERA; 47.0IP, 23:28
Nate Adcock (’08): Triple-A Reno; 16G; 0GS; 5-2, 6.38ERA; 66.1IP; 27:41

Austin Bibens-Dirkx (’06): Double-A New Hampshire; 12G; 10GS; 3-4, 1.92 65.2IP; 17:57

Ryan Feierabend (’04): Triple-A Round Rock; 24G; 16GS; 6-5, 3.66ERA; 120.1IP; 33:79

Thomas Keeling (’11): Double-A Mississippi; 29G; 0GS; 1-2, 5.68ERA; 25.1IP; 28:17

Brett Lorin (’08): Triple-A Reno; 19G; 0GS; 0-2, 1SV, 3.34ERA; 29.2IP; 11:21

Efrain Nieves (’10): Single-A Dunedin; 7G, 4GS; 2-2, 5.49ERA; 19.2IP; 7:13

Edward Paredes (’08): Double-A Akron; 6G, 0GS; 0-1, 8.10ERA; 6.2IP; 3:12

Michael Pineda (’08): Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre; 6G, 6GS; 1-1, 3.86ERA; 23.1IP; 6:26

Adrian Rosario (’11): Double-A Binghamton; 6G, 0GS; 0-0, 10.13ERA; 8.0IP; 12:9

Ryan Rowland-Smith (’03): Triple-A Pawtucket; 37G, 0GS; 7-0, 1SV, 1.55ERA; 52.1IP; 15:45

Juan Sandoval (’03): Triple-A Durham; 12G, 2GS; 1-1, 3.13ERA; 23.0IP; 5:16

Justin Souza (’08): Triple-A Toledo; 12G, 0GS; 0-1, 10.29ERA; 14.0IP; 8:13

Justin Thomas (’06): Triple-A Sacramento; 16G, 16GS; 3-6, 4.48ERA; 84.1IP; 34:68

Sean White (’07): Triple-A Albuquerque; 34G, 7GS; 6-6, 3.51ERA; 74.1IP; 43:43

Fabian Williamson (’07): Single-A Bakersfield; 7G, 7GS; 1-4, 6.61ERA; 32.2IP; 19:37

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