Wild Card Wednesday – Montreal Expos

I’m going to stay north of the border this week for Wild Card Wednesday.  Since last week was Toronto, that means this week would be the Montreal Expos.

Damn. They had some really good teams.

First up, my oldest Expos card is the 1974 Chuck Taylor.  I always forget that Tony Perez was an Expo.  Judging from the look on his 1978 card, he looks like he is trying to forget being there, too.

Ray Burris and Randy Lerch both played with the Brewers.  Ken Macha…well, you know.



Terry Francona as an Expo. Three years of Gary Carter cards. Plus, look at future MWL pitching coach Gary Lucas!



I believe that I have 75 other Del Unser cards, mostly from his time with the Phillies.  The Woodie Fryman card in the top row is from 1976…You know, for the mid-70’s the Expos home jerseys have held up pretty well.

Look at that Tim Blackwell mustache!

Look at that Tim Blackwell mustache!

Every year…even towards the end when I only picked up a few packs…I apparently received a Chris Speier card.  You know how last week, I mentioned the outfield of the mid-80’s Toronto Blue Jays was: Llyod Moseby, Jesse Barfield, and George Bell?  The Expos outfield in the late 70’s was Warren Cromartie, Ellis Valentine, and Andre Dawson.  That outfield in Montreal was really, really outstanding!

Larry Parrish beard!

Larry Parrish beard!

Speaking of Andre Dawson, that would be his 1981 Fleer Card.  He looks like someone is about to tell him that Rick Monday is going to hit a home run to beat the Expos in the 1981 NLCS.

Bill Lee:

Bill Lee: Montreal’s the same as Boston.  Except the working people speak French.  After a game I shoot pool with ’em or sit in the beer garden. They’re fatherly-like. They pat you on the head and shake your hand, real tactile and friendly-feeling.

Gene Mauch as the manager of that 1975 Expos team.  I can’t tell if they took that photo at Jarry Park or Spring Training.  The 1978 team photo looks like Olympic Stadium…maybe.  The stylized “D” on the hat of Jerry Fry and Scott Sanderson stands for Denver as in the Denver Bears, the American Association affiliate of the Expos from 1976-1981.

To me, Dick Williams is what the ideal manager would look like.  Look at Wilford Brimley in 'The Natural' and you'll see Dick Williams.

To me, Dick Williams is what the ideal manager would look like. Look at Wilford Brimley in ‘The Natural’ and you’ll see Dick Williams.

Past Wild Card Wednesday’s:

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