Jerseys of the Rattlers – Sleeveless

The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers have worn many jerseys since 1995.  There have been throwbacks, pinks, camouflage, batting practice, sleeveless, the regular ones that were worn for most games, and a few that you may have forgotten.  This feature is to take a look at those jerseys.

The 1998 season was the fourth year of baseball at Fox Cities Stadium.  The Timber Rattlers were looking for a new look and their three-year old pinstripes were on their last legs.  The call went out:  Give us new jerseys…and forget the sleeves!

And boy did they.  The designers took a page out of the old Reds jerseys from the Ted Kluszewski days:

Ted does not need sleeves.

Ted tried wearing sleeves once.  The sleeves ran away.  Had there been an internet during Ted’s playing days there would have been a Ted Kluszewski Facts website.

and this is what they came up with for the Timber Rattlers:

BEHOLD! Sleeveless!

BEHOLD! Sleeveless!

Let’s take a closer look at the logo. Notice anything, um, wrong?

And by wrong I mean...illegal?

And by wrong I mean…illegal?

Official Baseball Rules – Rule 1.11 (e) No part of the uniform shall include a pattern that imitates or suggests the shape of a baseball.

The Timber Rattlers wore these jerseys for FIVE years! No one caught it…or thought of a suitable penalty.

Not illegal, but definitely a crime against something the way TIMBER is just placed on the chest of the road jersey…

Is that cellophane tape?

Is that cellophane tape?

The unusual thing about the road jerseys from this era was the lack of “Wisconsin” on the road jersey.  Usually, the home jersey has the nickname and the road jersey has where the team is located.  That’s just…weird.

The American flag patch was put on the back of the jerseys for the 2002 season.

They sewed this on right.

At least they sewed this on right.

Shin-Soo Choo preferred the short-sleeved undershirt with the sleeveless jersey.

Choo's '02 home jersey.

Choo’s ’02 home jersey.

Gil Meche preferred the long-sleeved undershirt with the sleeveless jersey…and…apparently…a mock turtleneck, too.

As long as they wore an undershirt does it really matter if it was long-sleeved or short-sleeved?

As long as they wore an undershirt, does it really matter if it was long-sleeved or short-sleeved?

The sleeveless Rattlers jersey was foreshadowing for Meche. As you can see – maybe – in the side-by-side cards in his display case, the Seattle Mariners also went to sleeveless:

Still not a good look.  Even in the major leagues.

Still not a good look. Even in the major leagues.

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