Wild Card Wednesday – Boston Red Sox

When the World Series started, I decided that the World Champions would be the subject of the first Wild Card Wednesday after the series ended and the team that did not win would be the subject of Wild Card Wednesday .

I can’t tell you how happy I am that, the Boston Red Sox are up this week.

The top row of cards are the three oldest cards that I own.  They are from the 1972 season.  Luis Tiant and Don Zimmer are two of my favorites.  The team photo is from 1978.

Look at those leaders from 1981!

Nice to see Mike Torrez wearing a collared shirt for his photo!

The top row is from 1978.  Denny Doyle played his final MLB game at the end of the 1977 season.  Fergie Jenkins is awesome.  Bill Lee is…Bill By Gosh Lee!  The middle row would be from 1985.  That would be three-fifths of the Boston rotation in 1985.  Bottom right-hand corner is Reid Nichols from the current Brewers player development.  Bottom row middle is THE ECK!  Check the caption for why Dick Drago is in this mosaic.

I appear to have a lot of Bill Lee cards from a lot of different teams.

Bill Lee thought he gave up Henry Aaron’s last homer.  Then, Aaron came back for one more year and would hit his final homer off Dick Drago.

I think that I used the 1975 Carlton Fisk card as a bookmark after Game Six of the ’75 World Series until sometime in 1977.  As was noted about its condition…Not Mint.  Apparently, the only poses Jerry Remy got for his baseball cards were running out of the batter’s box.  How could pitchers fear Jim Rice when he’s smiling like that in his 1978 card?

The world needs more Brohamers!

The world needs more Brohamers!

The shocking thing about the Dwight Evans cards are the lack of a mustache in 1978 and 1981.

Dwight Evans and Bob Stanley were teammates from 1977-1989

Dwight Evans and Bob Stanley were teammates from 1977-1989

In past entries, I have noted the random players who seem to appear every year in my collection.  Not many Hall of Famers.  But, that is not the case here.  Seven Carl Yastrzemskis.  In fact, I think that I have at least two more of his cards out there somewhere in my boxes of stuff.  One might even be from 1971…which would be awesome…if I could find it.


YAZ! Check out your sideburns in 1976! And what happened to them in by the ’82 Topps card?

Here is the final card.  The discussion today was weather the whole card is a painting, the cap is airbrushed, the cap was airbrushed poorly and spread to the rest of the photo, or if Topps secretly put an old Piedmont Tobacco Baseball Card into their 1978 sets.

I want it to be the last one.

I want it to be the last one.

Past Wild Card Wednesdays:

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