It’s almost Lucroy Season – Jerseys of the Rattlers

This post qualifies as a Jerseys of the Rattlers post because the Jonathan Lucroy bobblehead that is the part of this promotion is based on the 2012 Military Appreciation Jerseys.

Pregame on July 23, 2012 (Photo Credit: Ann Mollica)

Pregame on July 22, 2012 (Photo Credit: Ann Mollica)

The promotion starts next week:


Here are the details:

The Timber Rattlers are counting down to the second best “Opening Day” in Wisconsin by giving away five bobbleheads in five days. The “Hunt for Lucroy” will start Monday, November 18 and continue through Friday, November 23. Everyday a Jonathon Lucroy bobblehead will be hidden around the area, each in a different place and time and in a different way. A daily hint will be posted 20 minutes prior narrowing down the area/location and any other needed clues will be given at the time of the hunt. Good luck and as always, Happy Hunting!

The ‘Hunt for Lucroy’ schedule:

  • 11/18 MONDAY – APPLETON – 5:30pm
  • 11/19 TUESDAY – OSHKOSH – Noon
  • 11/21 THURSDAY – GREEN BAY – 5:30PM
  • 11/22 FRIDAY – APPLETON – 10:00am

Contest Rules:

Bobblehead will be awarded to the fan that completes the daily challenge first.

Challenges will be given through Timber Rattlers Facebook ONLY.

Each day the first clue will be given 20 minutes prior to hunt time.

Final clue/challenge will be given at hunt time.

One Bobblehead will be awarded each day.

Contestants can only win once Monday – Thursday (11/18-11/21). Special rules apply Friday, Nov 22, 2013.

Winners’ photo will be posted to the Timber Rattlers Facebook page immediately following each hunt.

Timber Rattlers staff has final discretion on each hunt.

Here are a few more pictures from the Military Appreciation game on July 22, 2012:








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