Wild Card Wednesday – Atlanta Braves

This feature has been tracking its way through the parent clubs of the Foxes and Papermakers for the last few weeks.  This week, a look at the cards from the parent club at the end of the Wisconsin State League Era.

The Appleton Papermakers were affiliated with the Boston Braves in 1952 and the Milwaukee Braves in 1953.  Those were the only times a team in Appleton has been partnered with the team that is now in Atlanta.

NOTE: This will be the last Wild Card Wednesday of 2013.  The feature will return on January 8.

In 1980, every guy had the exact pair of sunglasses that Joey McLaughlin is wearing for his baseball card.  Brett Butler didn’t quite have the “pose for baseball card” look down at this point in his career.

I'll trade you that Doyle Alexander card for a John Smoltz rookie card.

I’ll trade you that Doyle Alexander card for a John Smoltz rookie card.

Most of the players on this sheet were better known for their time with other teams.  I am also showing these off to remind everyone how horrible “power blue” as a uniform color choice.

Say Biff Pocaroba and try not to smile.

Say “Biff Pocaroba” and try not to smile.

Bruce Benedict’s last card is almost identical to the Brad Komminsk card in the first entry.  Rick Camp went from clean shaven to mustache to full beard in this series of cards.  Chris Chambliss spent seven years with the Braves…the exact amount of time he spent with the Yankees.  Chambliss played 886 games and hit 80 homers with the Braves and 885 games with 79 home runs with the Yankees.

I want

I prefer Camp’s jacket to the one Chambliss is wearing.

Jeff Borroughs looks like the stereotypical 1978 baseball player in his card on the top row.  Couldn’t they have put Vic Correll behind a plate behind the plate instead of just saying, “We’ll take it right here.”  Also, the Fleer guys weren’t feeling too creative with the cards for Bob Horner and Charlie Spikes in their 1981 set.



In order: a top reliever of the era who helped stop Pete Rose’s hitting streak at 44 games, an outfielder Braves fans insist should be in the Hall of Fame, and a Hall of Fame pitcher.

Remember the Gene Garber card from the Phillies last week?

Remember the Gene Garber card from the Phillies last week?  We will come back to this.

The 1978 and 1979 team cards.  Bobby Cox was the manager in both of these photos from his first tour of duty with Atlanta.

Future Stars!

Future Stars!

This card of Hall of Fame pitcher Gaylord Perry is from the 1982 Topps set.  Perry only pitched for the Braves in 1981 and was released by Atlanta on October 5, 1981.  He had 297 wins at the time.  Perry would sign with Seattle in March of 1982 and win his 300th game on May 6, 1982 with a complete game at home against the New York Yankees.  He was 43 at the time.


Perry didn’t look too worried that he wouldn’t get a shot at #300

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