Jerseys of the Rattlers – 2008 Star Wars

The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers have worn many jerseys since 1995. There have been throwbacks, pinks, camouflage, batting practice, sleeveless, the regular ones that were worn for most games, and a few that you may have forgotten. This feature is to take a look at those jerseys.

The first Star Wars night of the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers was held in 2008.  Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of photos from that year.  But, these photos should show off the design.

That’s Ron Garth on the left of the first photo and staring straight into the camera.  This shot shows off the X-Wing underneath the ‘R’ in Rattlers.  You can also just see the patch on the player with his left leg up on the top step of the dugout.

On the bench

On the bench

Juan Diaz is at the plate and you can see the starfield on the back with the design of the numbers.

At the plate.

At the plate.

That would be Garth at the plate.

Follow through

Follow through

Check out the fans in the stands.

The kid in the background...still thinking about meeting R2D2.

The kid in the background…still thinking about meeting R2D2.

Can you find Alex Liddi in this next photo?

I picked this picture because someone in the background is actually reading a PLAY BALL! magazine.

I picked this picture because someone in the background is actually reading a PLAY BALL! magazine.

I’m pretty sure that the player in the dugout who has his hands on his hips is Phillippe Aumont.

One last shot.

One last shot.

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