Wild Card Wednesday – Detroit Tigers

I wish I had more baseball cards with  Tiger Stadium in the background.   When I think old school baseball stadiums, I think of Tiger Stadium.  These are some Tigers cards through the years starting with  Jack Pierce & Tom Walker from 1976.  Bob Sykes wins the contest for biggest dip of smokeless tobacco on a baseball card in this series.  If your eye goes down to the lower left-hand corner, you will notice something of a rarity.  Milwaukee County Stadium in the background of the Mike Ivie card.


John Hiller is looking at the same thing as Gene Garber.

I liked watching all of these guys play, except when they went against the Brewers.

Hall of

Hall of Really, Really Good.

Same goes for these guys.

Three, count 'em, THREE

Three, count ’em, THREE Johnny Wockenfuss cards. #Blessed

Kirk Gibson is one of the first names that pop into my head when I think about the Tigers.  Oddly, since I also have four of his cards, Dave Rozema is also one of the first names that pop into my head when I think about the Tigers.

Gibson went back & forth on the mustache/no mustache look

Gibson went back & forth on the mustache/no mustache look

When I first scanned in these cards, I had planned on Alan Trammel and Lou Whitaker to be on the same panel.  It only made sense since they came up together and were one of the best double play combinations of that era.  Then, I couldn’t find my Trammel cards.  Then, I found them after I scanned them in and I didn’t want to start all over again.   So….Alan Trammel.

I know...I know...

I know…I know…It looks like the Trammel in the Fleer card can’t believe he’s not with the Whitaker card, too.

Ladies and Gentlemen….the 1978 Detroit Tigers!!!…and some guys who hope to join the Tigers team photo one day….and Sparky Anderson.



Tom Brookens won a Midwest League title as the manager of the West Michigan Whitecaps in 2007.  Taking the photo for his card on the left in the basement garage of the Dallas Police Department on the spot where Lee Harvey Oswald was being transferred seems like an odd choice.  Barbaro Garbey was a hitting coach for the Chiefs for a few seasons during their most recent run as a Cubs affiliate and he didn’t think that comment about LHO was funny at all.

MWL Coaching alumni.

MWL Coaching alumni.

This is the last thing a lot of pitchers saw when they faced Ben Oglivie.  This card is for the 1978 season.  But, Oglivie never played for the Tigers that year.  He became a Brewer in December of 1977 in a trade that sent Jim Slaton and Jim Folkers to Detroit.

Not sure what happened to the other two Benj Oglivie cards that I had.

Not sure what happened to the other two.

Fact I might be totally making up out of thin air….Jim McMahon got his idea for headbands from Tito Fuentes.

Remember this card when it's the Padres turn on March 12.

Remember this card when it’s the Padres turn on March 12.

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