Jerseys of the Rattlers – 2011 Brewers Sunday

The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers have worn many jerseys since 1995. There have been throwbacks, pinks, camouflage, batting practice, sleeveless, the regular ones that were worn for most games, and a few that you may have forgotten. This feature is to take a look at those jerseys.

These are my favorites.  I may like these more than I like the regular jerseys.

The 2011 Brewers Sunday jerseys were designed with the uniforms of the Crew from 1975-1976 in mind. NAILED IT!

Jump around!

Jump around!

The best part of these jerseys is that there is no “Timber” patch placed above the “RA” in “RATTLERS”.  That would have messed with the cleaner look of just “RATTLERS” and the number.



As you can see a little better in this number, the number on the front turned out great.

Tyler Thornburg

Tyler Thornburg

The numbers on the back are big and easy to read.

The numbers on the back.

The Blue-Yellow-Blue stripes in the sleeves are pretty sharp, too.

The tricky part of these jerseys were the caps.  The Brewers had a block “M” on the cap.  While not exactly the same as that block “M”, I like the way the Yellow “TR” turned out on the blue Sunday caps for the Rattlers.

Tricky but I think it works.

Tricky but I think it works.

They only problem was that there were no blue Under Armor shirts to wear under the jerseys.  The black looks off.  But, it was cold early in the season and guys had to be warm.  You’ll give up style for warmth almost every time.


Color coordination is at 3 credit class at Long Beach State.

The dark blue sanitary socks were the same that were used for the other two Brewers Sunday jerseys prior to the 2011 season.

In motion

In motion

The Rattlers outfield of Robbie Garvey, Reggie Keen, and Franklin Romero, Jr.

See.  There was a warm Sunday in 2011.

See. There was a warm Sunday in 2011.

Check just below the right jersey sleeve of Greg Hopkins.  There were no short-sleeved t-shirts in blue either?  Come on, man!

I'm not sure what happened before this photo was taken.

I’m not sure what happened before this photo was taken.

Here is Jason Rogers, the 2013 Brewers Minor League Player of the Year, as a Timber Rattler in 2011.

A lead from first.

A lead from first.

These next four are my favorite shots of the Brewers Sunday jerseys.  By the way, all photos in this post were taken by Ann Mollica.

Old School

Old School

That’s Nick Shaw in the foreground and he is watching if Romero’s throw beats the runner to third.


Frankie had a freaking cannon.

Mike Walker doesn’t jump. Home plate tries to get away from him after walkoff home run.

Walker's Walkoff HR against the Chiefs.

Walker’s Walkoff HR against the Chiefs.

A more sedate victory celebration.

Another Sunday win.

Another Sunday win.

Notice something different about Fang from past Brewers Sunday posts?

Fang made the switch to #1 before the 2011 season.

Fang made the switch to #1 before the 2011 season.

The jerseys were auctioned off after the final Sunday home game of the 2011 season.  Here are some of the winners with the Rattlers who wore them during the year.










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