48 Days to Opening Day

I am working from home today (w/ 48 days to Opening Day), so these pictures are from yesterday (seven weeks to Opening Day) and I have some good news.   The temperature was above 20 yesterday!!!  Yep. Warmed up enough to snow.  Not as bad as the East Coast, but it was enough to add cover to the field.

Fortunately, I was busy during the heaviest snowfall on Thursday… Fortunate…Unfortunate…At this point, I don’t even know anymore.

There was an event up on the club level.  So, I couldn’t get upstairs for the shot from there…But…at this point….you can probably just click on a photo from last week  and you’ll get the idea.


Left Field Berm

February 13 2014 001 

Behind Home Plate

 February 13 2014 002

Right Field Berm

February 13 2014 003 

Center Field Camera Platform

February 13 2014 004

I heard a rumor that the temperature may actually get to to 33 on Monday!!!!  Maybe even 38 on TUESDAY!!!!!  Keep thinking those warm thoughts, Rattlers fans!

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