Wild Card Wednesday – California Angels

Yes. California Angels.  My card collecting days started after they stopped being the Los Angeles Angels and ended before they became the Anaheim Angels…or even the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Uniformity of borders was for chumps, right 1975 TOPPS cards?  Also, the Dave Chalk and Mickey Scott poses are the same as the Llenas and Don Kirkwood poses.  The pictures are just from different angles.


Blue Glove!

I think of the players on this image playing for other teams before I think of them playing for the Angels…if I remeber them even playing for the Angels.

I really don't remember Bert Campaneris as a member of the Angels.

I really don’t remember Bert Campaneris as a member of the Angels.

Brian Downing, who played for the Appleton Foxes when they were an affiliate of the White Sox, is a member of the Appleton Professional Baseball Hall of Fame.  Joe Rudi was totally not into the whole photo day.  The FLEER card for Sanchez looks like it was taken at Milwaukee County Stadium.

Luis Sanchez don't care.

Luis Sanchez didn’t care where the photo for that FLEER card was taken.

Bobby Grich…now there’s a mustache you could set your watch to.  The span of 1976 to 1981 for my Frank Tanana cards may be one of the longest spans between cards for the same player in my collection.

Frank...mustaches aren't for everyone. Trust me. I know.

Frank…mustaches aren’t for everyone. Trust me. I know.

Next up, your ex-Brewers fix!  The Thad Bosley card is for 1978, but he only played for the Angels in 1977.  California traded him and a few others to the White Sox for Brian Downing and a few others on December 5, 1977.

Bosley ('81). Clear ('86-'88)

Bosley (’81). Clear (’86-’88)

Don Baylor was the 1979 AL MVP as he helped the Angels make the playoffs for the first time.  He played all 162 games in that regular season and for the majority of those games was an outfielder.  He was a DH in 65 of those games.  Baylor’s move to almost full-time DH’ing didn’t start until the 1981 season.

Don Baylor could hit anything.

Don Baylor…Smiled?

Here are the Angels cards of my National Baseball Hall of Famer.  Notice anything about the Frank Robinson card?  Okay, the background is Dodger Stadium.  But, look closer….Yes. Whiteout was used to erase “Dodgers” from Robinson’s jersey.  He played for the Dodgers in 1972 and was traded in a blockbuster to the Angels on November 28, 1972.  No time to take a new photograph apparently.

Frank Robinson's 1973 card is one of my personal favorites.

Frank Robinson’s 1973 card is one of my personal favorites.

I had also forgotten that Dick Williams was the Angels manager in 1976.  I think Jim Fregosi, who recently passed away, is the first Angels manager I remember.

Jim Fregosi can't believe FLEER used this photo for his card.

Jim Fregosi can’t believe FLEER used this photo for his card.

These cards….I…I just…  Burleson looks shocked that someone asked him to pose for his card.  Pettis thought it was 6th Grade Picture Day.  Renko?  Stubbed his toe? Sat on a tack?  Renko!

All players should use the Gary Pettis pose at least one time in their career.

All players should use the Gary Pettis pose at least one time in their career.

UPDATE: I was closer to the truth than I thought.  It was pointed out to me that the Gary Pettis 1985 TOPPS card does NOT feature Gary Pettis.

But Pettis claims innocence for another supposed caper that has brought him recent notoriety. Gary’s 1985 Topps baseball card features a picture of a 14-year-old Pettis, Gary’s youngest brother, Lynn. Topps claims chicanery. Pettis says balderdash, the photo was shot last year at a Family Day baseball game when Lynn was in uniform. “Now Lynn runs around the stadium signing autographs,” Pettis says.

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