Wild Card Wednesday – San Diego Padres

Let’s move on to the San Diego Padres for Wild Card Wednesday.  I’ll say this about them.  They had decent players and their uniforms got progressively worse throughout the run of my collection.

Oh, the uniforms weren’t bad at the start.  The interlocking SD on the cap and the mustard & brown colors weren’t bad at the start.  Just ask Randy Hundley.  That’s a smile, right?


Dave Tomlin just threw a pitch.  He totally did!

But just look at the Mickey Lolich & Jay Johnstone cards.  That is a lot of yellow.  Dave Cash with the veteran move of wearing his warm up jacket to cover his jersey.  Oscar Gamble…The world would be a better place if everyone could get their hair styled like Oscar Gamble at least one time in their life.  Gene Tenace….and…..WHAMMY!

Aka: Guys who had more success elsewhere.

Aka: Guys who had more success elsewhere.

Right around here is where those jerseys took a turn for the awful.  You know how most teams have the nickname on the front of their home jersey and their home city on front of their road jersey.  Look at the Gene Richards 1981 FLEER card.  The one that says San Diego and Padres on the front.  A bit excessive if you ask me.  Also, Four Tim Flannery cards?  Come on!

Gene Richard looks thrilled to be wearing that brown monstrosity.

Gene Richard looks thrilled to be photographed in those last two.

Here are some Padres over a couple of different seasons.   Positioned like they are, Randy Jones and Steve Mura look like they are sharing a joke about those 1981 FLEER cards.  Probably about how no one names their kid “Tucker” anymore.

Terry Kennedy was the Derek Zoolander of baseball cards.  This pose was his Blue Steel.  He’s been working on Magnum, but it’s not ready yet.

Padres legend!

Padres legend!

Former Brewers Kurt Bevacqua and Rollie Fingers.  Bevacqua gave Padres fans their one World Series highlight with a home run against the Tigers in 1984.  Rollie Fingers spent four seasons with the Padres and had 108 saves (as opposed to four seasons and 97 saves with the Brewers.  But, he just doesn’t look right in that San Diego uniform.

Former Brewers!

Former Brewers!

Ozzie Smith and Dave Winfield were teammates from 1978-1980 – and Fingers was there from 1977-1980.  Three future Hall of Fame Players on the same roster and….the Padres finished above .500 one time and their best finish was 4th place in the NL West.

FLEER printed a Dave Winfield Padres card for 1981 even though he signed with the Yankees as a free agent on December 15, 1980.  TOPPS printed an Ozzie Smith Padres card for 1982 even though he had been traded to the Cardinals on December 10, 1981.

How did the Padres not win more games?

How did the Padres not win more games?

Bruce Bochy became the Padres’ manager in 1995, took the team to the World Series in 1998, and stayed there through back-to-back NL West Championships in 2005 & 2006.  Bochy is now the manager of the San Francisco Giants and has won a pair of World Championships with them.

From John McNamara to Alvin Dark in two years.

From John McNamara to Alvin Dark in two years.

Remember this Tito Fuentes card?  The 1978 Detroit Tigers one that was featured in Wild Card Wednesday a few weeks ago?  Here is his 1976 card from the Padres.  The headband was a thing with him…apparently.

His name is TITO!

His name is TITO!

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