Wild Card Wednesday – San Francisco Giants

Oh, San Francisco Giants.  Candlestick Park was horrible.  Your jerseys were…odd.  But, you had some good players.  Let’s take a look.

Bobby Murcer was an American League All-Star with the Yankees in 1974.  That’s why he has the AL ALL-STAR star on his 1975  card for the Giants….and Yankee Stadium is in the background….and the Giants hat is 1975-photoshopped onto his head.  Take a look at that Gary Thomasson card in the middle.  We’ll come back to that pose later.

I ruined more Bobby Murcer cards to make sure he played for the Cubs.

I ruined more Bobby Murcer cards to make sure he played for the Cubs.

A few Giants over three seasons.


Disappointed that Randy Moffitt didn’t carry over the 1975-1976 pose over to 1978.

Larry Herndon’s cards couldn’t be more different.  The close up on the TOPPs card makes him look eight feet tall.   The FLEER card looks like it was taken by a stakeout team with their biggest telephoto lens.  Derrel Thomas makes those glasses glasses look gooooooood.


Is Allen Ripley the ancestor of Ellen Ripley from the Alien movies? Read the book.


Rennie says, "Hello, ladies."

Renie Martin says, “Hello, ladies.”

This panel could also be known as: HE played for the Giants?

Doyle Alexander was a Giant?

Doyle Alexander was a Giant?

Don’t even get me started on the Giants’ warm-up jackets as Johnnie LeMaster shows in the final card on the right.


Why is Johnnie LeMaster setting up in the stretch in the middle card?

Who’s behind those Foster Grants?  Gary Lavelle!

Huge Gary Lavelle fan!

Huge Gary Lavelle fan!

Look at the 1978 card on the right.  That is the 1977 team photo…and yes…that is a Cable Car.  You can’t do that on a field that isn’t astroturf.  Serious question….How many team photos after 1978 had a Marlboro sign in it?

That's when it clicked.

Not many.

Former Brewer time.

Former Brewer.

Did he have that big of a leg kick?  I don’t remember that.

Hall of Fame time.  I always liked Willie McCovey.

Hall of Famers!

Hall of Famers!

Remember that pose I mentioned in the first panel?  Let’s take a look at it again.  Pretty popular pose for the 1978 Giants, yes?


Probably the same spot of the stadium, too.

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