Lineup and Game Notes – April 13, 2014

How far did Clint Coulter’s grand slam go on Saturday?  WNDU* has video.

Here’s the perspective from the fence at the back of the inflatables on the outfield concourse:

Coulter slam distance

That is a long way…Can you even see home plate from here?

Check out this article on Timber Rattlers outfielder Johhny Davis by Mike Woods in The Post-Crescent.



Game Time 1:05pm CDT.  Pregame at 12:45pm CDT

Timber Rattlers Lineup:

April 13 Timber Rattlers Lineup

Timber Rattlers Starting Pitcher: Zach Quintana
South Bend Starting Pitcher: Austin Platt

You should read about Platt in this 2011 article, too.

Timber Rattlers Game Notes:  RattlersGameNotes April 13 2014

*-Why would a television station in South Bend, Indiana have those call letters?  It’s a mystery to which we may never know the answer.

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