Postgame Post – April 26, 2014

I hate this place.

April 26 2014 019





Timber Rattlers 4
Kane County 5
Boxscore | Timber Rattlers Game Story | Kane County Game Story

Barrett Astin is the starting pitcher on Sunday.  He sat down for this interview before Saturday’s game.

Keep your eyes on @MiLB or @jake_seiner.  Jake talked with Taylor Williams after the game for an article on…and why not!

Williams was pretty darn good on Saturday afternoon.  He allowed one hit, walked one, and hit one – all in the second inning.  Williams retired the final ten batters he faced.  He struck out six, including the final four batters he faced.

I saw mainly 91s and 92s.  There may have been one 93 in there.

Today was the 17th time Kane County has recorded a walkoff win over the Timber Rattlers in this ballpark since 1995.  If you were listening to the game, now you realize why I was saying not to put the game in the win column until the final out.  That final out never got here on Saturday.

I was watching Forensic Files last night and one of the people talking about accident recreations mentioned that it’s almost never one thing that causes an accident.  It’s a series of things that have to happen in a particular order before that accident happens.

There was the error that put the leadoff batter on base.  Instead of one out and none on, the leadoff batter is on base.  Walk, Single, Run, Pitching Change.  Error on missed catch on pickoff play. Popup.  4-pitch Walk, 4-pitch Walk, Run. K.  Single. Two Runs. Game over.

I did a quick Win Expectancy Chart for the 9th inning through this website.

April 26 2014 9th inning win probability

The Cougars had a less than 10% chance to win the game heading into the 9th inning.  That means the Rattlers had a better than 90% expectancy to win the game.  The math gets uglier as the inning continues.

Clint Coulter with two more hits.  He is on a 6-game hitting and is 10-for-23 during the streak.

Rafael Neda also had two hits in Saturday’s game.  He also drove in two runs for the Rattlers.

Here is how Williams wrapped up his outing:

And here’s how the Cougars beat the Rattlers:

Get ’em tomorrow.


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