Postgame Post – May 25, 2014

Wisconsin 3
Clinton 2
Boxscore | Game Story

May 25 2014 008Had ’em all the way.

Final 2 outs of the game:

I don’t have a lot to add to the game story.  Just this…Did you know that four of the Timber Rattlers eight hits on Sunday were bunt singles?

And this…You can bunt three straight times and get run.

And this…Steve Halcomb tried to get a bunt down after the bunt singles by Francisco Castillo, Omar Garcia, and Johnny Davis.   He popped back to the mound.  That was four bunts in a row.  Just for kicks Clint Coulter should have dropped one down just to see what would happen.


I mentioned this story on the air today. But, wanted to share it on the blog.

Conrad Gregor of Quad Cities hit a home run on Saturday to put the River Bandits in front of the Cedar Rapids Kernels.  That was just the start of the story.

Conrad Gregor’s first home run of the season was caught on the fly Saturday night by the happiest fan at Modern Woodmen Park.

As Gregor rounded the bases following a three-run blast which put Quad-Cities ahead to stay in its 5-2 Midwest League win over Cedar Rapids, the fan standing behind the wall in the right-center power alley pumped his arms in the air, proudly waving the ball for all in the crowd of 5,494 to see.

He had his reasons.

“That was my dad,’’ Gregor explained after the River Bandits finished off the three-game sweep of the Kernels.

Would’ve been better on Father’s Day….But, the Rattlers are in Quad Cities on Father’s Day…So…good thing it happened last night.

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