Postgame post – July 19, 2014

Dayton 9
Wisconsin 3
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Postgame Coments (Jon Feyen):
Rafael Neda:

Michael Ratterree:

Elvin Nina:

Matt Erickson:

Matt Erickson on Gilbert Lara:

Jon: Gilbert Lara, the recent Brewers signee, was with the team this afternoon.  What did he go through?

Matt:  Unfortunately, he couldn’t do anything on field because he hasn’t had his physical yet.  But we got him in uniform.  We got him down there with the guys.  He spent the entire day with our clubhouse and in our clubhouse, trying to just get a feel for the daily routine that we have.  And it was good.  Our guys took to him and there was a bunch of guys went and introduced themselves.

Impressive young kid, 15-16 years old…long, lanky, athletic body…He’s got huge hands.  I haven’t seen him do any baseball physical activity, but an impressive looking kid.

Photos (Ann Mollica):



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