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A look at the first four Timber Rattlers Bobbleheads of 2016

While I was recording the podcast with Kyle Lobner yesterday, the rest of the front office was taking delivery – in the driving rain – of the first four bobbleheads the Timber Rattlers will be giving away during the 2016 season.

The hard-working ticket department pulled out one of each bobblehead to allow me to take photos and share them with you here on the blog.  As always, click on the image for a full-size look.  Also, click on the links in red above each photo to order tickets to the games.

Group shot:

2016 Bobbleheads 1

Reminder of the dates and the sponsors:

2016 Bobbleheads 2

Here is the All-Fan Opening Day Bobblehead of Fang & Whiffer that will be given away  on April 9:

2016 Fang and Whiffer April 9

This is the Matt Erickson Bobblehead for April 17.  That is him in his Appleton West jersey.

2016 Matt Erickson April 17

Jason Rogers may have been traded away from the organization, but he is #TRatNation4Life.  His bobblehead is scheduled for April 30:

2016 Jason Rogers April 30

Fang & Hank is scheduled for May 15:

2016 Hank and Fang May 15

Last photo is a reminder to #VoteFang or #VoteWhiffer with a schedule of the remaining bobblehead giveaways during the 2016 season.  There is still time to purchase a bobblehead package that will guarantee your souvenir on these dates!

2016 Bobblehead Schedule

Rattler Radio Podcast – March 16, 2015

Kyle Lobner & I got together to record the final podcast of this offseason.

The main topic this week is his latest Frosty Microbrew on the main website, which is about Trey Supak, David Denson, & the changes in the Brewers organization.

We also discussed the state of the field after the renovation. Despite all the rain, there is no standing water on the grass.  Here’s a picture:

Looking Green....Looking Good.

Looking Green….Looking Good.

Here’s the podcast:

Flashback Friday Supplemental – March 11, 2016

The main Flashback is the game story by John L. Paustian about Game Two of the 1967 Midwest League Championship Series.  It may be found on the main Timber Rattlers site.  The supplemental Flashback is a notes column on the game by Tim Petermann.

Game 2 MWL Championship Series

(Post-Crescent Image)

Cosmidis Proud of Foxes’ Comeback
Twins’ Winning Streak Ends at 7

“I was proud of the way they came back,” Appleton manager Alex Cosmidis stated in the locker room following his Foxes’ 8-5 victory over Wisconsin Rapids in the second game of the Midwest League playoffs.

With their backs to the wall, having lost the first game of the best-of-3 series, the Foxes halted the momentum of a 7-game Wisconsin Rapids win streak to even the series at one game apiece.  The Twins have now lost only three of their last 15 games, but all three defeats have been administered by the Foxes.

Cosmidis said that he felt before the game “we would win”.

The mild-mannered first-year skipper could not single out any individual stars for the Foxes, noting that everyone contributed something.  Cosmidis did state that Jose Ortiz is the key to the offense and has been all year.  “When he gets on base we win,” Cosmidis related.  The Puerto Rican speedster was on base all five times he was up.

Wisconsin Rapids pitchers also showed great respect for the Foxes’ speed merchant, who established a club record with 64 stolen bases, as over a dozen throws were directed to first to keep him close to the bag.  He was finally picked off once.

After making the statement, “We need more hitting out of our Np. 3, 4, and 5 men,” following Thursday’s loss, Cosmidis was pleased to point out that “Deacon” Jones, George Hunter, and Roy Radmaker (the No. 3, 4, and 5 men) had six hits between them to account for half of the Foxes total.

Cosmidis also praised the veteran Willie Hooker for his “superb job” of relief, one of his longest relief stints of the year.

Hooker was a littler perturbed with himself after the game for walking three Twins in the final frame but stated that he was not the least bit tired.  When queried about what appeared to be a control problem, Willie said he was “choking his curve ball.”

Hooker administered a little teasing to teammate Pedro Rivera in the locker room after the game because Pedro looked “a little tired.” Rivera replaced Hooker in the ninth with two out and threw one ball, a screwball, which was hit back to him and he threw the runner out to end the game.

‘Hardest Part’

In explaining his decision to take Hooker out, Cosmidis said that this is the hardest part of managing because he has one guess while everyone in the stands can second guess him.  He added that in tonight’s game the decision will be even harder with almost the entire Appleton staff available, yet he doesn’t want to pull a pitcher before he gets in the groove.

Cosmidis not only directed praise to his own team but he also directed some to the Twins.  He credited them with not giving up and being in the game right up until the end.

Player-coach “Deacon” Jones showed the same respect for the Twins.  He stated that Ray Bellino has done a good job with the Twins and they have always had good hitting.  He added that they are all a bunch of hustlers.

Both also agreed on another thing – that the Foxes had mental lapses in the field and gave the Twins a couple of runs.

Jones might have mixed feelings about his eighth inning hit off Twins’ veteran Ollie Brantley.  Brantley and Jones were roommates several years back in triple A ball.

Game Two Boxscore:

MWL Championship Series Game 2 Boxscore 9 1 67

It won’t just be tickets on sale this Saturday

Just a friendly reminder that single game tickets for the 2016 Timber Rattlers season will be on sale this Saturday starting at 10:00am.

You will be able to order tickets online or over the phone at (920) 733-4152 or (800) WI-TIMBER.

If you have already ordered ticket packages for the 2016 season, you can come out to the stadium and get them.

But, you probably know this already.  This post is to tell you something that you don’t know until you read it here.

These will be for sale on Saturday from 10:00am to 3:00pm on a first come, first serve basis.

On Sale 4

Trust me…there will be more than one of each available.

The Timber Rattlers are replacing the lockers in the home clubhouse and several of the old lockers will be available to fans for $50 each:

On Sale 3

The team is also replacing some of their picnic tables and several of the old picnic tables will be available to fans for $20 each:

On Sale 2

See you Saturday!

Rattler Radio Podcast – March 8, 2016

Spring is almost here!  Here’s today’s field photo, which shows a lot less snow than yesterday.

Field Photo 1 3 8 16
Spring Training is here!  In the latest edition of the Rattler Radio Podcast, Kyle Lobner and I talk early results for the Brewers and how some former Timber Rattlers are contributing to the Cactus Crew in Maryvale.

Mehring Monday in Pictures: Almost Snow Free

Good Monday!  And it is a good Monday! Why?

It is currently 47° and the high temperatures are scheduled to be in the 50s all week long.  The snow that fell last week is nearly gone.

Let’s take a look:
Field Photo 1 3 7 16

Field Photo 2 3 7 16
Field Photo 3 3 7 16

Field Photo 4 3 7 16

Field Photo 5 3 7 16

Field Photo 6 3 7 16

The forecast is calling for rain for the next few days, but that will be just fine as it will help get rid of the snow in the stands and everywhere else.   Individual tickets go on sale March 12 at 10am and the April 9 – the home opener for the Timber Rattlers – is in sight!!

Opening Day Get Here soon!

Flashback Friday Supplemental – March 4, 2016

The main Flashback is over on the main Timber Rattlers web page.  It is about the Game One loss by the Foxes at Wisconsin Rapids in the 1967 Midwest League Championship Series.

The supplemental Flashback is a quick notes column from Tim Petermann that appeared in the September 1, 1967 edition of The Post-Crescent.

Cosmidis Keeps His Confidence Despite Opening-Game Defeat

“We got the men on base, we just didn’t hit with them on,” a disappointed but not entirely disgusted Alex Cosmidid stated Thursday night after the Appleton Foxes had dropped the first game of the Midwest League Playoffs to Wisconsin Rapids.

“We need more hitting out of our No, 3, 4, and 5 men,” said the skipper.  We got it from our No. 2 and 7 men.”  (Usually heavy-hitters “Deacon” Jones and George Hunter were hitless for the night while leaving eight men on base between them while Stu Singleton and Chuck Brinkman had five of Appleton’s eight hits.)

Cosmidis further commented, “The boys might have been trying a little too hard.  Tomorrow night might be different.”

Other than the fact that the Foxes might have had a few mental lapses in their base-running, Cosmidis admitted the team played a good game.  He noted especially that it was the Foxes’ second-best pitched game in Wisconsin Rapids (Steve Kokor limited the Twins to six hits and three runs in Witter Field in July) and was a good pitched game all around.

Remains Confident

Despite the setback, Cosmidis remained that the Foxes will win the playoffs.  He admitted the Twins had the momentum coming into the game and still have it going for them.  (Wisconsin Rapids has now won its last seven games in a row and 12 of their last 14, losing only to Appleton).  He added that the Foxes have got to snap out of their hitting slump.

Cosmidis lauded the performances of 18-year-old Stu Singleton and Chuck Brinkman.  Brinkman also sparked defensively in addition to his hitting as he picked off a runner at first and threw out another stealing.

Al Fitzmorris, who was victim of the two Wisconsin Rapids home runs, said afterwards that both pitches were sliders, the one to Robinson was inside and the one to Nordberg got away with him.

Although getting off to a shaky start (he threw 11 balls and 14 strikes in the first inning to account for over one quarter of the pitches he threw in seven innings).  Fitzmorris admitted it was one of his better performances in his last several outings and he felt pretty good.

George Hunter, the Foxes usually productive clean-up hitter admitted that he had been trying to “hit one out” and probably accounted for his hitless night.  He had two towering fly balls that he felt might have gone out had he not hit them so high.

Game One Boxscore

Game 1 MWL Championship Series BOXSCORE

Supplemental Flashback Friday – February 19, 2016

The main Flashback is the recap of the 1941 Wisconsin State League All-Star Game and you may see it here on the main Timber Rattlers website.

Wisconsin State League Standings heading into games on July 15, 1941.

Wisconsin State League Standings heading into games on July 15, 1941.

This Supplemental Flashback is MAC’s Notes from that All-Star Game, which was hosted by the Appleton Papermakers. It also includes some photos from the July 15, 1941 edition of The Post-Crescent.

Notes on the Game by MAC

President Herman D. White of Eau Claire was more than pleased at the big turnout.  Before the game he said that if a left-handed pitcher started for Appleton he’d go out and bat for the ‘Stars.  But when informed that the hurler was Lefty Kleine he resigned – apparently for good reason.


Last night was one night when foul balls didn’t come back when hit into the stands.  They were much too good as souvenirs.  The ushers tried to get the first or second ball, but the fans set up a howl and that ended that.  It was perfectly all right and good advertising – but tonight when the crowd doesn’t run almost 4,000 persons the folks better heave the balls back or the club will be broke.


Manager Ed Konetchy of the ‘Stars couldn’t scare up any runs so he indicated once he might take a camera and shoot pictures of some railbirds along the third base line who have been giving him a ribbing this season.  Ed wanted to win that game badly but it wasn’t in the books.


Joe Tipton was on the sidelines because he broke a finger fielding a ball at Green Bay Saturday.  Thereafter he hit two home runs with the finger taped.  News of the injury prompted someone to crack that if he could hit two homers with a broken finger he should have broken his arm.


What with a five day suspension and now five or six days on the bench with a broken finger, Tipton is getting rather long on rest.


The fans booed when the Green Bay all-stars were introduced but it wasn’t because of the individuals.  The fans would have booed anything from Green Bay and much of it was in fun.  Some of the Appleton fans didn’t like the idea of yelling every time the lads came to bat and we also felt that it was carried a bit too far – even in fun.


But a certain Green Bay radio announcer really got the bird.  As a matter of fact the crowd stood up and booed him.  It was because of his comments on the Green Bay-Appleton series.  He was the object of considerable rathy comment Monday here and there were more than a few phone calls on whether something couldn’t be done about him.


Umpire Chapman, who called the strikes and balls for the last 4-1/2 innings appeared here for the first time in several weeks.  He really calls the strikes and his antics brought a hand from the crowd.  Chapman also uses the new National league system of peering over the catcher’s shoulder instead of standing directly behind him.


Manager Red Smith of Green Bay was around beaming over the attendance at the Green Bay-Appleton series even if his team did drop two games.  He’s still a little peeved over things but Red isn’t the guy to carry the peeve forever – not when it reacts favorably at the gate.


The Appleton management entertained at a chicken dinner at the Hoffman hotel, Hortonville, after the game.  Because the game lasted less than two hours the party started early and broke up shortly after midnight.

1941 All Star Game Boxscore


1941 All Star Game Photo 1

1941 All Star Game Photo 2



Number 9….Number 9….Number 9

Baseball America released their Organizational Talent Rankings for the 2016 season on Thursday.

The Brewers checked in at #9.

Top 10:

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers
  2. Houston Astros
  3. Atlanta Braves
  4. Boston Red Sox
  5. Washington Nationals
  6. Colorado Rockies
  7. Texas Rangers
  8. Philadelphia Phillies
  9. Milwaukee Brewers
  10. Minnesota Twins

The reasoning for the Brewers being placed at #9 is behind the paywall.  To summarize:  The Brewers have put together consecutive intriguing drafts and improved their international program.  The best stocked position in the minors is centerfield.  The breakout candidate among minor leaguers is pitcher Josh Hader.

The link at the top shows where all of the teams have rated over the five years prior to 2016.  The Brewers system (as rated by Baseball America) since 2011:

2011: 30th
2012: 25th
2013: 22nd
2014: 29th
2015: 21st
2016: 9th

On the rise!

Appleton Professional Baseball Birthdays:
February 11:
Joe Rodriguez – 38
Kevin Robles – 38
Arnie Hernadez – 49
John Hofer – 51

February 12:
Glenn McNabb – 46
Fred Russell – 50
Dennis Deck – 66

February 13:
Sthervin Matos – 22
Preston Gainey – 25
TJ Mittelstaedt – 28
Shayne Rea – 45
Jose Anglero – 47
Scott Richartz – 60
Duane Janne – 71
Crazy Schmit – Born 1866

February 14:
Damaso Marte – 41
Dennis Studeman – 48
Jay Attardi – 62
Gustavo Sposito – 70

Field Photo & Birthdays – February 10, 2016

Let’s take a look at the field as of this morning.

Snow and Cold...great.

Snow and Cold…great.

As I promised yesterday, let’s catch up on Alumni birthdays:

February 10:
Jorge Lopez – 23
Keith Meyer – 30
Steve Uhlmansiek – 33
Danny Delgado – 38
Al Jones – 57
Paul Patterson – 66
Goose Gregson – 66
Durant Cooper – 68
Bob Spence – 70

February 9:
Michael Ratterree – 25
Rick Southall – 39
Hugh Walker – 46
Hector Wagner – 46
Brad Holman – 48
Eddie SolomonBorn 1951
Joe Bowen – 67
George Schilens – Born 1927

February 8:
Jonathan Arias – 28
Leury Bonilla – 31
Jeffrey Hulse – 50
Greg Bennett – 72

February 7:
Seth Lintz – 26
Keith Renaud – 30
Eddie Menchaca – 35
Tim Merritt – 36
John Daniels – 42


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