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Rising Stars Announced!

The Brewers announced the teams for the April 2 Rising Stars Game at Miller Park while I was in transit yesterday.  No matter.  Here are part of the teams.  First, here is part of Matt Erickson’s squad:

Scooter Gennett

Caleb Gindl

Taylor Green

Cody Hawn

Erik Komatsu

Martin Maldonado

Wily Peralta

Austin Ross

Tyler Thornburg

And here is part of Don Money’s team:

Kentrail Davis
Khris Davis

Eric Farris

Mike Fiers

Kyle Heckathorn

Hunter Morris
Sergio Miranda
Amaury Rivas

Cody Scarpetta
Zelous Wheeler

Not a couple of lists. Click the link up top to find out about the autograph sessions and the jersey auction.


Read up on Day One

Mehring in Arizona: Day One was posted last night.

No problem finding the hotel either…until I pulled into the parking lot. I was blinded by the sun as I was facing west and trying to find a parking spot. Suddenly, I saw a figure dart out in front of me. I slammed on the brakes. The figure began walking towards me on the passenger side of the car. As the figure stepped out of the setting sun, I recognized…Pitching Coach Chris Hook. Yep, almost hit him and the season hasn’t even started.

Click the link for the rest.

Catching up on Rattlers Spring Training action

Click the scores for the full post at  Click the name for the page of each player.

From Tuesday:

The Rattlers lost 8-2 to Great Lakes

Michael Walker: 2-for-3, RBI
Reggie Keen: 2-for-3, 2B, RUN

Starting pitcher:
Charly Bashara: 2.1IP, 3H, 5R, 3BB, 3K

From Wednesday:

The Rattlers beat Lake County 5-4.

Robert Garvey: 2-for-4, 2 RUNS, RBI, HR
Reggie Keen: 2-for-5, 2 RUNS

Starting Pitcher:
Austin Ross: 4.1IP, 5H, 2R, 0BB, 7K

Lawrie sent down, but….

From The National Post up in Canada:

After a month in the limelight, Brett Lawrie left the stage without fanfare.
The Toronto Blue Jays dispatched their blue-chip Canadian prospect to minor-league camp on Wednesday, announcing the move in their game notes before a night game against the New York Yankees in Tampa.

After spending his first two pro seasons at second base, Lawrie will start the season as the everyday third baseman at Triple-A Las Vegas. The move was expected, despite his strong spring showing.

But the 21-year-old from Langley, B.C., may advance to Toronto sooner than the Jays thought, manager John Farrell said.

“We still don’t know the exact date, but I think it might be shorter than what we first anticipated,” said Farrell, who gave Lawrie rave reviews throughout spring training.
Also…he’s on twitter (@blawrie13) and taking it well:

On his Twitter account Wednesday, Lawrie did not mention his move to the minors, but did write this: “Great mindset today, positive attitude and moving forward from here on out.”

Warning! Graphic Winter Photos

I didn’t want to do this.  But, I feel that I have to do this.

Taken from the usual spot:
March 23 001.JPG

And, because I wanted to have a radio booth view:

March 23 002.JPG
There are times when I really, really, really, dislike winter. As a reminder, scroll down to the last picture in this post and realize what the field looked like on Monday. That was TWO DAMN DAYS AGO!

Relax. The snow is not that high up on the window.  It is just drifting on the ledge.

Also, I have won staring contests with that bobblehead.  Especially today.

Meet an old…character

Good morning.  I almost wrote “Meet an old friend.” But if there is one character on the old Rattler Radio on blogspot I didn’t want to bring over here it was him.  Today, however, he needs to be here.  Dear readers, Brick, the bad-weather hating Bactrian:

Spring, eh?

Mehring took a couple of pictures this morning.  He managed to hold down the shaking to get those pictures today. He is going to post them in the next, er, ah, post.

I demanded the time today because of how much I hate bad weather.  But, what I really hate is bad weather after a stretch of good weather.  Especially when that good weather has wiped out just about every last piece of evidence that there was bad weather.

I don’t believe in Hope…If I had my way, the phrase would be hope in one hand and…well, you know the rest. So, let me close this by saying I hate this weather. I want it to be warm and I never want to be on this blog again.

Timber Rattlers Action in Arizona

On Monday, the Rattlers lost 3-2 to Dayton on Monday.  Boxscore is here at (along with the other minor league games).  You will see other games in the Brewers minot league system and notice Kentrail Davis & Khris Davis had good games for Brevard County.

When you see the Wisconsin and Brevard games, keep in mind that they were apparently just five innings.

Highlights for the Rattlers:

Michael Walker: 3-for-3, RBI
Robert Garvey: 2-for-2, RUN

Starting Pitcher:
Eric Arnett: 3IP, 5H, 3R, 0BB, 4K

Dan Britt: 2IP, 0H, 0R, BB, K

Brewers 7, Padres 0

In Cactus League play, the Brewers beat the Padres 7-0.

Sean Halton (’10): 0-for-1

That is all.

Rattlers spring training report

The very helpful Mass Haas of has the most recent boxscores from minor league Spring Training down in Arizona.

Click the links to see the Brewers minor league boxscores from the games on each day.  Scroll down to see the Rattlers games.  You may recognize some names playing at the higher levels of the system right now.

The individual players in this post are potential Rattlers for 2011.  The link takes you to the page.

Saturday’s game was a 7-6 win over Cedar Rapids.

Nick Shaw: 2-for-3, RUN, RBI
Tyler Roberts: 3-for-4, 2 RUNS, 2RBI, 3B

Starting pitcher:
Matt Miller: 2IP, 3H, 2R, 2BB, K

Sunday’s game was a 9-3 loss to Kannapolis.

Greg Hopkins: 2-for-2, RBI

Starting pitcher:
Jimmy Nelson: 3IP, 2H, R, 2BB, K

Just a reminder that I’ll be down in Arizona and providing live updates on twitter during Rattlers Spring Training games from March 25-28.  You can follow me @CMehring.

Cleaning Day

A sure sign that the season is getting closer to the start…The Cleaning Crew is pressure washing around the ballpark:

cleaning day 001.JPG

cleaning day 002.JPGI need to get one of those for the trailer at home.

And the shot from the usual spot:cleaning day 003.JPG

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