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Lineup and Notes and Transactions – April 13, 2016

Good morning from Burlington!  Game time today is 11:30am.

April 13 2016 Blog Photo

The broadcast is on 1280AM, WNAM, on IHeartRadio, and on TuneIn.

Outfielder Troy Stokes, Jr. placed on Disabled List
Outfielder Elvis Rubio transferred from Helena to Wisconsin

Pregame Interviews:
Monday with Burlington Announcer Michael Broskowski:

Tuesday with Wisconsin Pitching Coach Gary Lucas:

Today’s Lineup:

April 13 Lineup

Today’s Starting Pitchers:
WIS: Freddy Peralta
BUR: Joey Gatto

Today’s Game Notes:
WIS: RattlersGameNotes April 13 2016

Updated Wisconsin Roster: 4 13 2016 Timber Rattlers Roster

Lineup and Game Notes – April 12, 2016

Great day for Baseball!….FINALLY!

April 12 2016 Blog Photo
Game time in Burlington tonight is 6:30pm CDT.  Tonight’s Broadcast is on 1280AM, WNAM, on IHeartRadio, and on TuneIn.

Tonight’s Lineup:

April 12 2016 Lineup

Tonight’s Starting Pitchers:
WIS: Jake Drossner
BUR: Jose Rodriguez

Game Notes:
WIS: RattlersGameNotes April 12 2016

Lineup and Game Notes – April 11, 2016

A little windy here in Burlington.  But, the Sun is out and we have baseball tonight!

April 11 16 Blog

Game time is 6:30pm CDT.  Tonight’s Broadcast is on 1280AM, WNAM, on IHeartRadio, and on TuneIn.

Monday’s Lineup:

April 11 2016 Lineup
Monday’s Starting Pitchers:
WIS: Miguel Diaz
BUR: Ronnie Glenn

Game Notes:
WIS:  RattlersGameNotes April 11 2016

Postgame Post w/ Interviews and more – April 10, 2016


Game Story | Boxscore | Gameday

Game Story | Boxscore | Gameday
Matt Erickson:

Tucker Neuhaus:

David Lucroy:

Carlos Belonis (with Isan Diaz as translator):

Isan Diaz:

Troy Stokes, Jr.:

WPA Chart for Game #1:

April 10 v Beloit GAME ONE

Top Plays Game #1:
Tucker Neuhaus 3-run double in 3rd: + .207
Chavez single & E5: – .169
Troy Stokes double in 3rd: + .133
Perrin strikes out Higley in 5th: + .093

Top Rattlers Performers WPA Game #1:
Troy Stokes – 0.246
Tucker Neuhaus – 0.157
David Lucroy – 0.148
Jon Perrin – 0.134

WPA Chart for Game #2:

April 10 v Beloit GAME TWO

Top Plays  Game #2:
Iriart hits 3-run homer in 4th: – .301
Beloit turns 6-4-3 double play in 6th: – .208
5-3 grounder to end game: – .143
Gilbert lines into double play in 3rd: + .121
Isan Diaz single in 6th: + .110

Top Rattlers Performers WPA Game #2:
David Burkhalter 0.181
Carlos Belonis – 0.177
Monte Harrison – 0.102

Doubleheader Highlights:




Lineup & Notes – April 10, 2016

HOME OPENER!  The field is in great condition!

April 10 2016 Blog Photo
It is a tad cool and windy, but the gates are open and there will be baseball today!

Game One Timber Rattlers Lineup:
April 10 2016 Lineup Game One
Scheduled Starters:
BEL: James Naile
WIS: Jon Perrin

BEL: Evan Manarino
WIS: David Burkhalter

Game Notes*:
WIS:  RattlersGameNotes April 10 2016

*-The notes reflect the original game two starter for Beloit (Angel Duno).  The game two starter for them was switched after the notes were set.  Rattler Radio apologizes for any inconvenience.

HEY, ERNIE!  What do you say?



Front Office vs. Snow

Saturday’s Home Opener against the Beloit Snappers has been postponed.  But it was not postponed due to lack of effort by the Timber Rattlers front office.

Pretty much everyone – except me – was at the stadium until 10:00pm on Friday night doing battle with the elements.  I received pictures via text to show me their attempts to clear the snow up here as I was watching the Timber Rattlers and Snappers play in some ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS conditions in Beloit.  At least I was inside…They were out there.

The team bus pulled into the parking lot at the stadium at 2:00am this morning and I am pretty sure that I saw the grounds crew just leaving at that time.

Additionally, while they were shoveling away here, they had the Timber Rattlers game on the PA system to listen to me call the game.  So they had it bad that way, too.

Don’t tell them I said it, but I work with the best front office in baseball.

Here are those photos courtesy of Rob, Jay, Ann, and Hilary:

Front Office vs Snow 1


Front Office vs Snow 2

Front Office vs Snow 3

Front Office vs Snow 4

Front Office vs Snow 5

Front Office vs Snow 6

Front Office vs Snow 7

Front Office vs Snow 8

This is what the field looked like this morning:

4 9 Home Opener Postponed

Timber Rattlers Lineup and Game Notes – April 8, 2016

A look at some of the chaos that goes into a broadcast in Beloit:

April 8 Blog Photo

I will get to Friday’s information in a moment.  First, here is last night’s pregame interview with Matt Erickson:

And here is the Win Probability Chart from Thursday.  Remember, on the road UP is BAD for the Rattlers.

April 7 2016 at Beloit
Here is Friday’s Lineup:
April 8 2016 Lineup

Friday’s Starting Pitchers:
WIS:  Marcos Diplan
BEL: Boomer Biegalski

WIS: RattlersGameNotes April 8 2016

Timber Rattlers Lineup and Game Notes – April 7, 2016 (Opening Day)

Welcome to 2016, Timber Rattlers fans!

Brisk, but playable!

Brisk, but playable!

Tonight’s game starts at 6:30pm CDT

Way to follow tonight:
Radio: 1280 WNAM
Internet Streams:
IHeart Radio
TuneIn Radio

Here is your Opening Night Lineup:

April 7 2016 Lineup

Starting Pitchers:
WIS: Jake Drossner
BEL: Kyle Friedrichs

Game Notes:
WIS: RattlersGameNotes April 7 2016

The following three players have been transferred to the roster of the Helena Brewers
Pitcher Christian Trent
Catcher Natanael Mejia
Outfielder Elvis Rubio

2016 OPENING DAY ROSTER: 4 7 2016 Timber Rattlers Roster

Timber Rattlers Initial Roster for 2016

The release is over on the main website.  The breakdown looks like this:

PITCHERS (14): David Burkhalter, Miguel Diaz, Marcos Diplan, Jake Drossner, Nathan Griep, Scott Grist, Conor Harber, David Lucroy, Drake Owenby, Freddy Peralta, Jon Perrin, Quintin Torres-Costa, Christian Trent, and Jordan Yamamoto.

INFIELDERS (6):  Luis Aviles, Isan Diaz, Jake Gatewood, Sthervin Matos, Tucker Neuhaus, and Alan Sharkey.

OUTFIELDERS (5): Carlos Belonis, David Denson, Monte Harrison, Elvis Rubio, and Troy Stokes

CATCHERS (3): Mitch Ghelfi, Max McDowell, Natanael Mejia

There will be three roster moves before Thursday to get down to the 25-player limit.

This roster finds five players that have been placed on MLB Pipeline’s list of the Top 30 Prospects in the Brewers organization.  These top Milwaukee prospects are: Harrison (#11), Gatewood (#12), Isan Diaz (#16), Diplan (#24), and Miguel Diaz (#27).

This is a PDF of the Timber Rattlers roster: 4 4 2016 Timber Rattlers Roster

Mehring in Arizona Interview – Matt Erickson (March 30, 2016)

The main story on the “Pretty Close” Timber Rattlers Opening Day roster and the 5-inning game between the Timber Rattlers and the Brevard County Manatees is over at the main website.

The third inning of that game is on Periscope.

Here is the full postgame interview with Matt Erickson.

The Timber Rattlers infield was shifting against Clint Coulter today.  If you look at this photo, there are not four infielders on the third base side of second.  There would be three infielders on the field and Field Coordinator Charlie Green as an on-field coach.  Click for the full image.

Coulter Shift

Here is a tweet of the game-ending 6-4-3 double play.




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