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Where did they play? Rattler Alumni in AAA – 2015

I am continuing to clear the decks in preparation for some neat things that are planned for the blog.  This week I will  be looking at Rattler Alumni to play in all levels of Minor League baseball.

Tuesday: AAA (PCL, International League, Mexico)
Wednesday: AA (Eastern League, Southern League, Texas League)
Thursday: A+, A, or Short Season (California League, Florida State League, South Atlantic League, Pioneer League, Arizona League)
Friday: Independent Leagues (Courtesy of Jay Grusznski)

To start, sixteen former Timber Rattlers played – at one point of the season or another – for the Colorado Springs Sky Sox, Milwaukee’s PCL affiliate.  Check the stats here and see if you can spot them all!

International League:
Cutter Dykstra (Syracuse): 53 games; HR, 7RBI, .185/.323/.210

Sean Halton (Norfolk): 73 games; 3HR, 30RBI; .221/.304/.298

Adam Moore (Columbus): 92 games; 6HR, 44RBI; .282/.328/.397

Hunter Morris (Indianapolis): 38 games; 0HR, 5RBI; .143/.188/.185

Carlos Peguero (Pawtucket): 26 games; 7HR, 21RBI; .237/.306/.495

Matt Tuiasosopo (Charlotte): 103 games; 18HR, 52RBI; .230/..344/.447

Nate Adcock (Louisville): 22 games; 0-2, 11 saves, 2.96ERA; 24.1IP; 7BB, 20K

Phillippe Aumont (Lehigh Valley): 14 games, 10 starts; 3-4, 2.35ERA; 65.0IP; 41BB, 58K

Phillippe Aumont (Buffalo): 5 games, 4 starts; 0-2, 6.00ERA; 18.0IP; 22BB, 23K

Austin Bibens-Dirkx (Buffalo): 5 games, 3 starts; 0-1, 4.67ERA; 17.1IP; 4BB, 18K

Cesar Jimenez (Lehigh Valley): 41 games, 1 start; 3-5, 4 Saves, 3.61ERA; 57.1IP; 18BB, 40K

Shaun Marcum (Columbus): 16 games, 14 starts; 7-4, 3.26ERA; 88.1IP; 21BB, 67K

Manny Parra (Louisville): 2 games, 2 starts; 0-0, 0.00ERA; 2.2IP; 2BB, 6K

Michael Pineda (Scranton/Wilkes Barre): 1 game, 1 start; 0-0, 1.93ERA; 4.2IP; 0BB, 3K

Joel Pineiro (Buffalo): 4 games, 2 starts; 1-2, 5.82ERA; 17.0IP; 6BB, 10K

Caleb Thielbar (Rochester): 29 games; 5-3, 2.81ERA; 32.0IP; 18BB, 19K

Pacific Coast League:
Leury Bonilla (Tacoma): 87 games; 4HR, 21RBI; .250/.303/.337

Juan Diaz (New Orleans): 110 games; 5HR, 35RBI; .272/.315/.373

Carlos Peguero (Round Rock): 2 games; 0HR, 0RBI; .667/.714/1.167

Carlos Triunfel (Sacramento): 95 games; 5HR, 33RBI; .264/.287/.398

Shawn Zarraga (Oklahoma City): 18 games; HR, 9RBI; .303/..338/.424

Shawn Kelley (El Paso): 2 games; 1-0, 0.00ERA; 3.0IP; BB, 2K

Eric O’Flaherty (Nashville): 1 game; 0-0, 0.00ERA; 1.0IP; 0BB, 0K

JC Ramirez (Reno): 23 games; 0-1, Save, 2.88ERA; 25.0IP; 10BB, 18K

JC Ramirez (Tacoma): 14 games; 1-1, 2.50ERA; 18.0IP; 7BB, 18K

Rafael Soriano (Iowa): 6 games; 2-0, 6.35ERA; 5.2IP; BB, 4K

Caleb Thielbar (El Paso): 9 games; 0-0, 0.73ERA; 12.1IP; 5BB, 7K

Fabian Williamson (New Orleans): 18 games; 2-1, 5.64ERA; 22.1IP; 14BB, 12K

Israel Nunez (Leones de Yucatan): 70 games; 2HR, 27RBI; .281/.326/.362

Mike Wilson (Rojos del Aguila de Veracruz): 23 games; 4HR, 13RBI; .263/.374/.461

Mike Wilson (Vaqueros de la Laguna): 3 games; 0HR, 0RBI; .091/.167/.091

Jonathan Arias (Saraperos de Saltillo): 7 games; 0-0, 7.20ERA; 5.0IP; 5BB, 2K

Jonatahn Arias (Sultanes de Monterrey): 5 games; 0-0, 7.20ERA; 5.0IP; 7BB, 6K

Juan Sandoval (Diablos Rojos del Mexico): 53 games; 6-3, 23 Saves; 4.13ERA; 52.1IP; 18BB, 40K

Rattler Alumni Update (10/26/15) – Fall and Winter Leagues

The Arizona Fall League and Australian Baseball League along with the Dominican, Mexican, and Venezuelan Leagues have started and there are plenty of former Timber Rattlers playing some winter ball.  The Puerto Rican League will be starting on October 30.  There are several Rattler Alumni on tentative rosters for teams in that league.  They will be added to the report for next week.

Screenshot ABD

Screenshot Suter

Arizona Fall League:
Surprise Saguaros (7-3):
Michael Reed: 7 games; 0HR, 2RBI; .185/.333/.222
Yadiel Rivera: 5 games; HR, 10RBI; .500/.542/.818
Jacob Barnes: 2 games; 0-0, 0.00ERA; 3.0IP; 0BB, 4K
Damien Magnifico: 3 games; 0-0, Save, 3.86ERA; 2.1IP; BB, 3K

Australian Baseball League:
Sydney Blue Sox (2-2):
LHP Craig Anderson: On the reserve roster

Liga de Beisbol Dominicano:
Aguilas Cibaenas (1-6):
Juan Sandoval: 2 games, 1-0, 10.80ERA; 1.2IP, BB, 2K

Gigantes del Cibao (3-4):
Carlos Triunfel: 6 games; 0HR, 4RBI; .250/.273/.350

Leones del Escogido (4-4):
Edward Paredes: 2 games; 0-0, 0.00ERA; 0.2IP; 3BB, K
Rafael Soriano: 3 games; 0-0, Save, 0.00ERA; 3.0IP; 0BB, K
Jorge Sosa: 3 games; 0-0, 0.00ERA; 3.0IP; 0BB, 2K

Tigres del Licey (5-1):
Jason Rogers: 5 games; HR, 5RBI; .200/.238/.400

Liga Mexicana del Pacifico:
Charros de Jalisco (8-6):
Alex Liddi: 14 games; 0HR, 10RBO; .333/.367/.463

Liga Venezuela Beisbol Profesional:
Aguilas del Zulia (7-9):
Eric Marzec: 5 games, 3 starts; 1-2, 4.85ERA; 13.0IP; BB, 11K
Gian Rizzo: 6 games; 0-0, 2.3ERA; 7.2IP; 2BB, 9K

Cardenales de Lara (8-8):
Jose Jimenez: 5 games; 0-0, 20.25ERA; 1.1IP; BB, K

Navegantes del Magallanes (7-8):
Carlos Maldonado: 4 games; 0HR, RBI; .500/..571/.500

Tigres de Aragua (7-7):
Austin Bibens-Dirkx: 3 games, 3 starts; 2-1, 2.25ERA; 16.0IP; 5BB, 11K
Renee Cortez: 8 games; 0-3, 7.71ERA; 7.0IP; 2BB, 6K
Brent Suter: 3 games, 3 starts; 1-1, 6.17ERA; 11.2IP; 4BB, 7K


Here is a YouTube episode of Nacion Tigrera en Pretemporada which features interviews of ex-Rattlers Austin Bibens-Dirkx and Brent Suter.

MLB Alumni with the Brewers in 2015

I wrap up the week with Timber Rattlers alumni to play with the Milwaukee Brewers in 2015.  In total, there were eighteen former Timber Rattlers to play for the Brewers this past season.

Tuesday: Those who played for teams in the American League West and National League West.
Wednesday: Those who played for teams in the American League East and National League East.
Thursday: Those who played for teams in the American League Central and National League Central
Friday: Those who played for the Milwaukee Brewers in the NL Central

If someone played for two teams in the 2015 season, he will be listed for both teams.

Tyler Cravy: 14 games, 7 starts; 0-8, 5.70ERA; 42.2IP; 22BB, 35K

Mike Fiers: 21 games, 21 starts; 5-9, 3.89ERA; 118.0IP; 43BB, 121K

David Goforth: 20 games, 1-0, 4.01ERA; 24.2IP; 8BB, 24K

Jeremy Jeffress: 72 games; 5-0, 2.65ERA; 68.0IP; 22BB, 67K

Cesar Jimenez: 16 games; 0-0, 3.66ERA; 19.2IP; 8BB, 21K

Jorge Lopez: 2 games; 2 starts; 1-1, 5.40ERA; 10.0IP; 5BB, 10K

Jimmy Nelson: 30 games, 30 starts; 11-13, 4.11ERA; 177.1IP; 65BB, 148K

Tyler Thornburg: 24 games; 0-2; 3.67ERA; 34.1IP; 12BB, 34K

Tyler Wagner: 3 games, 3 starts; 0-2, 7.24ERA; 13.2IP; 7BB, 5K

Khris Davis: 121 games; 27HR; 66RBI; .247/.323/.505

Scooter Gennett: 114 games; 6HR; 29RBI; .264/.294/.381

Carlos Gomez: 74 games; 8HR, 43RBI; .262/.328/.423

Jonathan Lucroy: 103 games; 7HR, 43RBI; .264/.326/.391

Martin Maldonado: 79 games; 4HR, 22RBI; .210/.282/.293

Aramis Ramirez: 81 games; 11HR, 42RBI; .247/.295/.430

Michael Reed: 7 games; 0HR, 0RBI; .333/.333/.500

Yadiel Rivera: 7 games; 0HR, 0RBI; .071/.071/.071

Jason Rogers: 86 games; 4HR, 16RBI; .296/.367/.441

MLB Alumni in the AL Central and NL Central for 2015

Today’s post looks at former Timber Rattlers who played for teams in the AL Central and teams other than the Brewers in the NL Central during 2015.

Tuesday: Those who played for teams in the American League West and National League West.
Wednesday: Those who played for teams in the American League East and National League East.
Thursday: Those who played for teams in the American League Central and National League Central
Friday: Those who played for the Milwaukee Brewers in the NL Central

If someone played for two teams in the 2015 season, he will be listed for both teams.

AL Central:
Cleveland Indians:
Scott Atchison: 23 games; 1-1, 6.86ERA; 19.2IP; 4BB, 12K

Shaun Marcum: 7 games, 6 starts; 3-2, 5.40ERA; 11BB, 30K

Adam Moore: 1 game, 1-for-4, RBI

Kansas City Royals:
Lorenzo Cain: 140 games; 16HR, 72RBI, .307/.361/.477

Minnesota Twins:
Caleb Thielbar: 6 games, 0-0, 5.40ERA; 5.0IP; 0BB, 5K

NL Central:
Chicago Cubs:
Rafael Soriano: 6 games; 2-0, 6.35ERA; 5.2IP, BB, 4K

Cincinnati Reds:
Nate Adcock: 13 games; 1-2, 6.00ERA; 18.0IP, 12BB, 13K

Manny Parra: 40 games; 1-2, 3.90ERA; 32.1IP; 6BB, 23K

Pittsburgh Pirates:
Aramis Ramirez: 56 games; 6HR, 33RBI; .245/.299/.413

MLB Alumni in the AL East and NL East for 2015

Continuing on yesterday’s theme, it’s time to take a look at former Timber Rattlers who played for teams in the AL East and the NL East during 2015.

Tuesday: Those who played for teams in the American League West and National League West.
Wednesday: Those who played for teams in the American League East and National League East.
Thursday: Those who played for teams in the American League Central and National League Central
Friday: Those who played for the Milwaukee Brewers in the NL Central

If someone played for two teams in the 2015 season, he will be listed for both teams.

NL East:
New York Mets:
Eric O’Flaherty: 16 games; 0-0, 13.50ERA; 8.2IP; 5BB, 6K

Philadelphia Phillies:
Phillipe Aumont: 1 game, 1 start; 0-1, 13.50ERA; 4.0IP; 7BB, 3K

Cesar Jimenez: 3 games; 0-0, 0.00ERA; 3.1IP; 0BB, 4K

Washington Nationals:
Matt Thornton: 60 games; 2-1, 2.18ERA; 41.1IP; 11BB, 23K

AL East:
Baltimore Orioles:
Adam Jones: 137 games; 27HR, 82RBI; .269/.308/.474

Chris Tillman: 31 games, 31 starts; 11-11, 4.99ERA; 173.0IP; 64BB, 120K

Boston Red Sox:
David Ortiz: 146 games; 37HR, 108RBI; .273/.360/.553

Carlos Peguero: 4 games; 0HR, 0RBI; .200/.333/.200

Anthony Varvaro: 9 games; 0-1, 4.09ERA; 11.0IP; 6BB, 8K

New York Yankees:
Michael Pineda: 27 games, 27 starts; 12-10, 4.37ERA; 160.2IP; 21BB, 156K

Alex Rodriguez: 151 games; 33HR, 86RBI; .250/.356/.486

Tampa Bay Rays:
Asdrubal Cabrera: 143 games; 15HR, 58RBI; .265/.315/.430

Jake Odorizzi: 28 games, 28 starts; 9-9, 3.35ERA; 169.1IP; 46BB, 150K

Rene Rivera: 110 games; 5HR, 26RBI; .178/.213/.275

Toronto Blue Jays:
Marco Estrada: 34 games, 28 starts; 13-8, 3.13ERA; 181.0IP; 55BB, 131K

Mark Lowe: 23 games, 1-2, 1 save, 3.79ERA; 19.0IP; 1BB, 14K

Michael Saunders: 9 games; 0HR, 3RBI; .194/.306/.194

MLB Alumni in the AL West and NL West for 2015

Time to shake off some dust and take a look at the Timber Rattlers Alumni to play in the Major Leagues during the 2015 season.

Tuesday: Those who played for teams in the American League West and National League West.
Wednesday: Those who played for teams in the American League East and National League East.
Thursday: Those who played for teams in the American League Central and National League Central
Friday: Those who played for the Milwaukee Brewers in the NL Central

If a player played for two MLB teams during the 2015 season, he will be listed with both teams and his stats for both teams will be given.

JC Ramirez: 12 games, 1-1, 4.11ERA; 15.1IP, 4BB, 11K

San Diego:
Shawn Kelley: 53 games, 2-2, 2.45ERA; 51.1IP; 15BB, 63K

Mike Fiers: 10 games, 9 starts; 2-1, 3.32ERA; 62.1IP; 21BB, 59K

Carlos Gomez: 41 games; 4HR, 13RBI; .242/.288/.383

Luis Valbeuna: 132 games; 25HR, 56RBI; .224/.310/.438

Brett Lawrie: 149 games; 16HR, 60RBI; .260/.299/.407

Eric O’Flaherty: 25 games; 1-2, 5.91ERA; 21.1IP; 13BB, 15K

Felix Hernandez: 31 games, 31 starts; 18-9, 3.53; 201.2IP; 58BB, 191K

Mark Lowe: 34 games; 0-1, 1.00ERA; 36.0IP; 11BB, 47K

JC Ramirez: 8 games; 0-1, 7.56ERA; 8.1IP; 7BB, 5K

Shin-soo Choo: 149 games; 22HR, 82RBI; .276/.375/.463

Carlos Peguero: 30 games; 4HR, 9RBI; .186/.310/.414

2015 Postseason Homers by Rattler Alumni…so far

There have been five home runs hit by Timber Rattlers Alumni in the 2015 postseason so far.

Carlos Gomez: October 6, AL Wild Card Game

Lorenzo Cain: October 11, ALDS Game 3

Carlos Gomez: October 12 ALDS Game 4

Shin-Soo Choo: October 14 ALDS Game 5

Not a homer, but Choo still involved:

Luis Valbuena: October 14 ALDS Game 5

Right now, Lorenzo Cain is left standing in the postseason.  As an FYI, Rafael Soriano is with the Cubs and Eric O’Flaherty is with the Mets, but neither is on the active roster for the postseason….so far.  But, even if they are active, I doubt they will hit any home runs.

Nice debut for Jorge Lopez

That was fun to watch!

Jorge Lopez (’13) earned the win in his Major League debut last night.

Sporting a fastball that touched 96 mph during a 1-2-3 opening inning that featured a pair of strikeouts, Lopez pitched through the fifth and was rewarded when Brewers shortstop Jean Segura hit a go-ahead home run in the top of the sixth.

Lopez, the 12th player this season to make his Major League debut for the Brewers, was the second (with Taylor Jungmann) to win his first big league start. He allowed three earned runs on eight hits in five innings, with two walks and seven strikeouts.

“It’s gonna work,” Brewers manager Craig Counsell said. “It’s a great fastball.”

Here’s Lopez as a Timber Rattler in 2013.


In 2013, Lopez appeared in 25 games – 22 starts – for the Rattlers.  He went 7-8 with a 5.23 ERA.  In 117 innings pitched with the Rattlers, Lopez walked 48 and struck out 92.

An old program is a wonderful thing

It should be “Three old programs are wonderful things”, but that title for this post would be a bad tie-in to one of the topics in the body of the post, as you will see in a moment.

A fan dropped off some old programs at the ballpark last week, but they weren’t Timber Rattlers programs or even Foxes programs.

The first two programs are Midwest League related in that they are the 1991 and 1992 Midwest League Yearbooks.

As always, click the image to enlarge.



Only two of the 14 teams on that 1992 program have the same name in 2015: The Kane County Cougars and the Peoria Chiefs.  Please note that in 1992, it was the Quad City River Bandits and today it’s the Quad Cities River Bandits.

Also…The Rockford Expos really stretched to get the R into the Expos logo…and the Quad City Angels logo from 1991 is actually pretty nice.

There’s some good stuff inside both of those yearbooks (Ex: The 1991 Yearbook has an article on the final Wausau Timbers home game from the 1990 season).  Believe that Flashback Friday will have material from both these sources.

The third has a Foxes/Timber Rattlers tie-in, but it has nothing to do with baseball.  The cover of the program for the 1995 softball game between Bolton’s Bombers and Teague’s League that was held at Fox Cities Stadium.

1995 teague bolton

The photo on the cover is from the 1994 game that was held at Goodland Field.

Some of the notable players on Teague’s League:

  • Olympic Gold Medalist Dan Jansen
  • Milwaukee Brewers GM Sal Bando
  • Brewers Legends Cecil Cooper, Jim Gantner, Charlie Moore, and Robin Yount
  • Packers Edgar Bennett, Ty Detmer, and John Jurkovic
  • Green Bay television news anchor Tom Milbourn
  • Green Bay morning radio host Murphy

There are some photos inside this program that will be shared at an appropriate time.

Future Rattlers

Welcome back.  I figured it was time to get back to work.

Check out Mehring Monday over on the website.

The Field Renovaion  project is moving along well.  The trenches for irrigation are being dug.  The outfield grass and warning track will be next.  Here are a few pictures from today.

September 28-1

September 28-2

You can check out the live YouTube feed here.  To see how much progress has been made, here are the time lapse videos from week 1 and week 2.

Baseball America is steadily releasing the Top 20 Prospects in each of the minor leagues.  They have already covered the Arizona League and the Pioneer League.  The Milwaukee Brewers have affiliates in both leagues and prospects on both lists.  These are the future Rattlers to make those lists.

There will be a little bit on each player, but not everything.  Most of this stuff is behind the subscriber wall.

Arizona League Brewers to make Arizona League Top 20 List:

#1 Trent Clark, Outfield

The 18-year-old center fielder, who signed for $2.7 million, crashed head first into the center-field wall in the first inning of his second pro game. He wound up with a concussion that kept him out of the lineup for two weeks and gave him a couple of shiners that lasted well into the summer. It didn’t take long after returning to the lineup for Clark to show off his five-tool skills—he hit for the cycle in his fifth game back.

#3 Gilbert Lara, Shortstop

Lara shows the range, infield actions and above-average arm to be able to stay at shortstop, provided he doesn’t grow too much in his teens. He gets good carry and accuracy on his throws. Lara has the tools needed for success at higher levels, and is projected by some observers as a plus big league player.

“He’s really solid for 17 years old—a grinder,” Brewers manager Nestor Corredor said.

#5 Demi Orimoloye, Outfield

One of the AZL’s bigger surprises came from north of the border, with Canadian outfielder Orimoloye showcasing explosive tools and producing at a high level during his six weeks in the league. The native of Nigeria ranked No. 41 on the BA 500 prior to the draft but fell to the fourth round, with the Brewers signing him for $450,000.

Orimoloye led the league in homers (six) when he left Arizona to join Canada’s national team for the 18U Baseball World Cup in Japan.

Helena Brewers to make Pioneer League Top 20 List:

#4 Marcos Diplan, Right-handed Pitcher

Despite his slight, 6-foot frame, Diplan stands out for his savvy and poise on the mound. He commands three average or better pitches and shows good feel for his secondary stuff. He sits 90-94 mph and touches as high as 98. His heater should tick up with strength and maturity.

Diplan’s slider is already a plus pitch, and he shows the ability to use his changeup in any count.

#6 Monte Harrison, Outfield

Harrison featured some of the loudest tools in the league. Already one of the best defensive outfielders in Rookie ball, he showed signs of starting to figure it out at the plate. The key to the improvement was getting his hands loaded earlier so that he was ready to see the ball sooner. Harrison is a little slow getting out of the box but is a plus runner underway, and he’s an instinctual baserunner who now has swiped 52 bases in 124 career games. 

#15 Jake Gatewood, Shortstop

He hit .209 in the first half at low Class A Wisconsin, but a series of adjustments and the PL’s offensive nature helped him taste success for the first time.

Gatewood showed signs of figuring it out at Helena. He gained confidence in the box by becoming more consistent with his leg lift and hand load. He still has a long swing, however, and he expands the zone and struggles with good offspeed pitches, but he flashes the ability to hit for power in games.


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